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10 Best Free Video Downloader Apps For iPhone & IPad In 2022

Directly from websites like Dailymotion or YouTube. Read this post on the top video downloading apps for the iPhone if you wish to save videos from these websites for sharing or later use.

The majority of Internet traffic currently comes from videos being streamed. People enjoy watching videos online and downloading them for later viewing. Direct video downloads from social followers websites like YouTube, Tumblr, Dailymotion, and Instagram are not permitted. In this circumstance, you can use a video downloader software from the App Store to download the video from many websites, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. In this piece,

  1. iDownloader– Download Manager
  2. Cloud Video Player Pro– Play Videos from Cloud
  3. Video Downloader– Media Player and Download Manager
  4. Best Video Downloader
  5. Video Downloader Super Premium ++
  6. Free Video Downloader
  7. Video Download Pro
  8. Video Downloader Free– Free Video Downloader and MP4 Player
  9. Video Downloader
  10. Video Downloader Pro

1. Cloud Video Player Pro– Play Videos from Cloud

Cloud Video Player Pro is a versatile video downloader for the iPhone that enables users to easily and rapidly download videos from any website and keep them on their devices. As opposed to using the official apps, it offers the greatest method for downloading videos to the iPhone.This app enables users to instantly download any sort of video and save it securely within the app’s storage system. The fact that this program is a universal movie downloader for an iPhone is its strongest feature. It can download videos from practically all websites where they are available for streaming.

Features of Cloud Video Player Pro:

  • There are numerous other video file types that can be downloaded, including m3u8, MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, and WMV.
  • To prevent others from viewing your videos, enable the app’s passcode.
  • The user may also download the subtitled version of the video.
  • It supports external USB storage and enables simple video sharing via the app.
  • The app’s UI is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • It has an Air-play function that enables users to stream videos from other Apple devices over a wireless network.
  • The use of it is totally free.
  • All of the downloaded videos can be effortlessly and hassle-free viewed in the app.

2. iDownloader– Download Manage

There are programs that can download videos but require the video’s link in order to do so. The requirement to copy and paste the link repeatedly makes this process tedious and time-consuming. Replace your existing video downloader with JDownloader, which provides a clever technique to download the videos, to avoid such a predicament. It operates in the background and provides a link to download the videos directly from the website. In addition, this downloader is not just limited to videos. Additionally, you can download and save audio files, papers, and other things to your iPhone.

Features of iDownloader:

  • It serves as a downloader for a variety of items, including documents, audio files, and movies.
  • It has the capacity to download over 50 videos at once.
  • With just one tap, users can download the videos.
  • It comes with a built-in file organizer and viewer.
  • It offers all of its services without charging anything.
  • It downloads videos with great picture quality in a variety of formats.
  • All of your videos can be played smoothly and in good shape.
  • It allows users to send videos to their loved ones via Whatsapp and other apps.

3. Best Video Downloader

Another video downloader is now available, and iPhone users frequently use it to download videos from various websites while also adding a lot more to it. It is well known for its attributes that add various effects to the video to enhance its appeal. The user can either use the link provided or simply download the video from the website. Additionally, it securely retains the downloaded videos, which you may view using its app. Therefore, you may effortlessly download any video you desire from either YouTube or Vimeo with the aid of Best Video Downloader.

Features of Best Video Downloader:

  • The user can download the video while the video is playing because this program is always running in the background.
  • Even when the app is closed, it offers the option of playback.
  • The timer is simple to set up so that it will end the video and put the device in sleep mode.
  • You may use this video downloader to download videos from various websites for free.
  • The video downloads with superb audio and visual quality.
  • Different video download formats are supported.
  • It includes a built-in video player. Therefore, there is no need to download any third-party video players.

4. Video Download Pro

An all-purpose video downloader for iPhone with fantastic downloading choices is called Video Downloader Super Premium ++. It is an accurate video downloader that enables users to download real-time videos and play them in high definition. Additionally, it enables users to modify and play the video in the background. It comes with a tonne more capabilities than a typical video saver.

Features of Video Download Pro:

  • It offers a straightforward layout with simple download options.
  • By creating the passcode, you can protect the downloaded videos.
  • The user can export the videos to the camera roll and then share them with others using a variety of applications.
  • It offers a clever video downloading facility that, when using a 3G connection, downloads videos larger than 25 MB in quality.
  • It comes with a built-in media player and file manager.
  • The user can quickly play and manage all of the videos thanks to it.

5. Video Downloader– Media Player and Download Manager

Are you trying to find the best downloader for iPhone videos? Immediately download Video Downloader if the answer is yes. It is a flexible video downloader that enables the user to easily and hassle-free download videos. To download the videos, you don’t have to copy the link and paste it into the program. It runs continuously in the background, allowing the user to download real-time videos at any moment with high-quality audio and video.

Features of Video Downloader:

  • It offers a straightforward and user-friendly UI.
  • Its built-in media player and download manager let the user effectively handle all videos.
  • Anyone without any technical experience may easily utilize it because of its flawless design.
  • Apply a passcode to the downloaded videos to keep them all secure.
  • The ability to download the videos from the website is unrestricted. Any video from the Internet may be downloaded at your discretion.
  • The user can also save the videos to their camera roll.
  • The WiFi transfer feature, allows the user to share videos with Mac or PC.

6. Video Downloader Super Premium ++

One can use the flexible video downloader Super Premium ++ to take advantage of the great iPhone downloading choices. It is an accurate video downloader that enables users to download real-time videos and play them in high definition. Additionally, it enables users to modify and play the video in the background. It comes with a tonne more capabilities than a typical video saver.

Features of Video Downloader Super Premium ++:

The user can make their own playlist of videos thanks to it.

Other than YouTube, it can save videos from any website that is accessible via the Internet.

It downloads videos in every format that is compatible with iOS.

The downloaded videos can be quickly added to your device’s camera roll.

Its UI is straightforward and user-friendly.

7. Video Downloader Pro

Another adaptable and customizable video downloader for the iPhone is now available. It can provide you with a new experience when downloading videos from the Internet. To explore the videos and download them directly to the phone, use the built-in browser. The fact that this browser does not preserve browsing history to the device’s history option is by far its best feature. It allows you freedom of browsing and video download.

Features of Video Downloader Pro:

  • It has a media player, file manager, and browser built-in.
  • To protect your downloaded videos, you can use a passcode.
  • The user can do this to move the videos to their iPhone’s camera roll.
  • Through WiFi transmission, you can send videos from your iPhone to a Mac or PC.
  • It downloads high-quality audio and video files from my videos.

8. Free Video Downloader

With the aid of this Free Video Downloader, you may, as the name implies, download your videos on your iPhone for nothing. With this amazing video downloader, you may download any video from anywhere on the Internet without any restrictions, regardless of which side you are browsing. It resembles other downloading applications for the iPhone in certain ways. The application allows you to rapidly search for and download videos.

Features of Free Video Downloader:

  • It has an easy-to-use UI that is interactive.
  • It makes it simple for the user to look up and download videos.
  • You can make a playlist and play the videos in it as needed.
  • By putting the app to sleep, you may also have the videos play in the background.
  • It downloads videos with excellent audio and video.
  • It has the ability to download videos from any website.
  • Both a media player and a file manager are built in.

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9. Video Downloader Free– Free Video Downloader and MP4 Player

You must download the Video Downloader Free from the App Store if you want an MP4 player and an accurate video downloader. For all of an iPhone user’s video downloading requirements, this app is the ideal option. This program enables you to download movies from Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube.

Features of Video Downloader Free:

  • This user can easily and for free download the video thanks to it.
  • It contains an integrated media player and file manager with a straightforward, interactive user interface. No third-party software needs to be downloaded in order to play or customize the videos.
  • The user can also upload the videos to the camera roll thanks to it.
  • It has the ability to playback videos from iTunes and other iPhone video downloading apps.

10. Video Downloader

Not to mention, Video Downloader is an excellent software with new options for downloading videos to iPhones. For almost all of the online videos, it provides a downloading option. It offers a flexible platform for downloading videos in more than 20 file types that are supported by the iOS media player.

Features of Video Downloader:

  • Over 20 different video formats are supported.
  • It is a clever program that disables the commercials that are interspersed with the video.
  • For downloading videos from the Safari browser, it is a fantastic tool.
  • Both a media player and a file manager are built in.
  • To play the videos easily, you may make a playlist.