10 Great Apps You Don't Know

10 Great Apps You Don’t Know

The world of applications does not rest, it is continually changing adapting to the needs. (Or to create new ones) of the day to day, where new technologies permeate everything. From geolocation your mobile to controlling your home appliances remotely with your terminal. These are some of the infinite functionalities that they offer us. Today we bring you 10 that will not leave you indifferent, all free.


Physical scanners are no longer in fashion. More and more applications are being launched to avoid having to buy one of these devices. With  CamScanner  you will be able to  scan all kinds of documents  in just a few seconds. Being able to edit them to send them by email without having to go to the computer. As well as share them with your contacts on WhatsApp, for example.


With this application you will be able to remotely control your computer from any Android device, wherever you are.  TeamViewer is cross-platform, so you don’t have to worry if your operating system is Windows, Linux or Mac.

Smart Home Control

If you have a Samsung TV this application is perfect. With Smart Home Control you will transform your terminal into a remote control. One last! In addition, it allows you to handle other types of electronic devices and household appliances such as computers. Of course, it requires Wi-Fi support.

Android Device Manager

It is time to continue with an official Google application that can be used to find your terminal remotely, delete information and reset the card’s PIN number. This application is perfect for those who have lost or stolen their mobile.

Sloth Launcher

Sloth Launcher is used to create chained actions, something quite useful for your phone. For example, if we want that when connecting the helmets the Wi-Fi___33 is activated, with this application it is possible. Thousands of actions are available.

Light flow

This application is used to adjust the color of the notification led depending on the notification received. Normally, mobiles usually reflect the color green, blue or orange but this application is programmed to reflect many more colors than the basic ones. It can be interesting to highlight very important notifications in special situations.


Looxie is a great idea although it currently lacks enough users to deliver its full potential, but it is worth keeping an eye out for. It’s simple, if you want to see an exact point, be it a country or city or something more specific like a bar, you can make the request in the application and it sends you a photo of the place through another user who is also using it. . You can use it to see for example how the traffic is in an area of ​​your city, or if you’re favorite bar is full. Do you want to see how the center of Madrid is at this moment? Request an image. At the moment there are few users who have downloaded it, but if you download it and start taking photos you will contribute to more and more and the truth is that it has quite useful functionality.

Toontastic 3D

Anyone with a little artist (or future Spielberg) at home should give Toontastic 3D a try. This Google app might be like a game, but it’s actually all about drawing, animating, and narrating your own cartoons. Choose a setting and cast of characters (or create your own) then move them around (drag them to walk), add sounds and words through the phone’s microphone. You can also interact with the backdrop, touching the objects to animate them. Finally, add music from the built-in song selection and move on to the next scene. It’s easy for even the smallest of the family, and there are enough different characters and settings to create a wide range of content.


Quartz aims to make you read the news as if you were having a text conversation with a very knowledgeable friend. The application is designed as an SMS or WhatsApp conversation with text balloons and gives you reply options with new stories generated by message. It’s all very conversational, not just in the design, but in the fact that the stories are full of emoji’s, GIFs, and images, and the writing is concise and engaging. In short, it is a different way of reading the news. The only downside that some may put is that there is only the English version, but it is worth trying.


Magisto is an   ideal video editor for your Android smartphone, but it is not an editor like everyone else. It offers filters and a multitude of options that allow you to create great movies from your videos and photos in a moment. In this application you will find a new way to save your memories of vacations or special occasions, there is even an option to create video tutorials, being able to include special effects and even background music. Very professional to be just a mobile application.

We encourage you to download the ones that most attract your attention, we have tested them and we assure you that they all have something that will hook you. And if your love for apps goes beyond downloading them and you’ve always wanted to develop an original idea, at Retrocube you have the most complete training in it. Master in Mobile Applications: Android & iOS App Development – Official of Google and Apple. MDM. Do not stop informing yourself!