5 Amazing facts about Portugal that will make you want to live there

During the last several years, Portugal has accepted an increasing number of individuals who desire to settle there. Portugal is undoubtedly the finest nation in the world to live in for several reasons. It can be the extensive and healthful food or the rich past. Or maybe the highly valued social cohesiveness that keeps the streets safe.

Or maybe it’s because it ranks first in global health statistics. But what else about this little nation, located in the far west of Europe, close to the Atlantic Ocean, makes it so unique?

The most suitable and enjoyable climate:

With more than 200 days of sunlight a year and an average maximum temperature of 20 degrees, Portugal enjoys a wonderful climate. A great country to enjoy the winter, spring, summer, and fall. The weather is perfect in Portugal. The vegetation is diverse and attractive, and the occupants are comfortable thanks to the hot summers and moderate winters. The national news is covered when it snows, or the big cities have below-freezing temperatures.

The amazing quality of life:

Portugal is one of the top destinations for those looking to relocate for less-complicated life. The comparatively cheap cost of living and tax advantages they enjoy there are the causes of this.

Portugal is renowned for its laid-back lifestyle, for a good reason too! In studies for expats, this exceptionally kind and welcoming nation consistently ranks among the top five for happiness.

For example, Portugal was ranked fourth in terms of quality of life among 52 nations in the International Expat Insider Survey for 2022. Portugal is rated well for its recreational opportunities, security, and environmental and climatic conditions. In addition, many foreigners praise Portugal’s tranquil lifestyle and natural beauty.

Economic to live in:

Portugal’s economy has recovered with a 4.8% increase in GDP in 2021. The nation’s financial aid programs and the crises it experienced are no longer in effect. According to reports from local institutions, the financial sector has been solidifying its newfound strength at the same time.

However, Portugal continues to be a place where the cost of living is relatively lower. A loaf of bread costs 20% less in Portugal than in France. If you’re comparing the price of education, you should be aware that the maximum yearly tuition at a public institution for the 2021-2022 academic year was €1,050 for bachelor’s degrees.

Welcoming people and friendly neighborhood:

Portugal’s population is kind, open, and accommodating in general. This is crucial for a new immigrant attempting to learn Portuguese, navigate the bureaucracy, or simply locate a grocery shop.

You will quickly realize how highly cherished people are in Portugal if you go there. Children are featured in more events than they may be anyplace else since people want to watch kids having a good time.

The same response will always be given to a little kindness on your part. In addition, you will be able to communicate with the locals without too much difficulty since the Portuguese have a fairly excellent command of English.

One of the safest countries to live in:

The Global Peace Index 2022 ranks Portugal as the sixth safest nation in the world and the fifth safest in Europe. So if safety is one of your top priorities, you can move to Portugal without any doubt. You can also apply for a Portuguese golden visa to take the first step.

You won’t find nicer people among the natives anywhere else. Portuguese people are noted for their friendliness and willingness to help tourists and new arrivals feel at home.

Premium healthcare system:

Anyone who lives in Portugal has access to the medical treatment they need since Portugal has a strong healthcare system that blends private care with the public system.

The Portuguese National Health Service, consisting of 120,000 healthcare professionals and almost 1500 public hospitals and medical institutions, serves the country. It has given all Portuguese nationals full access ever since it was founded in 1979.

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Portuguese governmental actions have led to considerable gains in health status during the last several years. For instance, infant mortality fell by 94% in only 45 years, ranking the nation third lowest in all Europe. In addition, a total of 17 years were added to the average life expectancy at birth between 1960 and 2015.


Despite being relatively tiny, Portugal has a lot to offer its citizens. It seems to have amazing, unspoiled landscapes, magnificent structures, time-honored customs, and culture.

It may soon be time to shift to Portugal as so many immigrants are already taking advantage of this country’s amazing life.