Holy Quran

5 Manners To Recite The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is the most sacred of Allah Almighty’s four revealed books. It has the answers to all of the difficulties that mankind will face until the Day of Judgment. It took 23 years for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to get it. It’s not your typical book. As a result, you should treat this book with exceptional reverence. You should not only read this Holy Book but also repeat it in such a way that the listener would be spellbound.

Before reciting the Holy Quran, learning the Holy book is very important. The world is facing a crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic in the present age. So attending physical madrassa classes is hard for everyone due to safety concerns. To tackle this issue, learn Quran online is the most effective way where you can take Quran lessons online while sitting at your home.

Manners TO Recite Holy Quran

As I previously stated, this is not an average book, and there are some manners to reciting it. When reciting the Holy Quran, you should keep these considerations in mind. While reciting this Holy Book, you should treat it with respect. Do not be concerned if you are unfamiliar with this etiquette. While reciting the poem, there are a few etiquette rules to keep in mind.

1.    Wudu is Compulsory Before Reciting The Quran

2.    The Place Should Be Clean And Higher

3.    Starting With The Name Of Allah

4.    Place The Quran On a Pillow

5.    Follow the Tajweed Rules During the Quran Recitation

Wudu is Compulsory Before Reciting The Quran

The first and most important thing to remember is that you must be clean and pure before touching the Hoy Quran. Your body should be completely cleaned before you take this sacred Book in your hands. You should not even approach this book without first washing your hands.

The Wudu (ablution) for reading and reciting the Holy Quran is required strictly. Wudu for Quran online learning has different opinions from different scholars.

  • According to some, there are several instances at which reciting the Holy Quran without ablution is permissible. When you read or recite the Quran without holding it in your hands, you are doing so. It indicates that if you learn the Holy Quran passages, you can read and recite them without doing Wudu.
  • Furthermore, some scholars believe that when reciting the Quran online, Wudu is required. It indicates that you can take Memorize Quran Online classes and recite the Holy Quran on your phone, laptop, or other electronic devices with wudu.

The Place Should Be Clean And Higher

You cannot put this Holy Book in any ordinary place. The place where you keep the Holy Quran should be clean. Because it is a holy book, you should treat it with respect and only sit in a clean environment. Sit at the highest place available, where no one else is higher than you.

Starting With The Name Of Allah

Every work we do as Muslims begins with the name of Allah. We know that doing so will lead to a positive outcome. When it comes to reading the Holy Quran, its significance multiplies by a factor of ten. The name of Allah should always be used to begin the recitation of the Holy Quran. The Quran contains only one Surah that does not begin with His name. Surah Tawbah is the name of the surah. Except for this Surah, you should always begin reciting the Quran with Allah’s Name.

Place The Quran On a Pillow

You should keep the Quran on your pillow rather than holding it in your hands. You should sit comfortably and set a pillow in front of you, in which you should place the Holy Quran. You won’t have to constantly holding the Book in your hands if you do it his way. The cushion on which you would replace the Holy Quran should be nice and clean. Regardless, if you’re going to put the Holy Quran on a cushion, don’t put it on the ground since it’s disrespectful.

Follow the Tajweed Rules During the Quran Recitation

Tajweed literally translates to “to make well,” “to improve,” or “to make good.” The basic goal of tajweed is to increase one’s ability to recite the Holy Quran. Tajweed is a set of recitation guidelines for the Holy Quran. It implies reciting the Holy Quran while following these instructions. When one understands these rules, they will be able to pronounce each word of the Holy Quran correctly. You will become a Quran recitation expert if you follow these rules when reciting the Holy Quran. As a result, you should recite the Holy Quran while following the tajweed guidelines.

Wrap Up

It is a noble deed to recite the Holy Quran. However, when reciting this sacred book, one must consider all ways in order to show respect to it. That is why I have given you eight guidelines for reciting the Holy Quran. You can also learn about these customs by enrolling in online Quran recitation courses. These online Quran training institutes cover every aspect of Quran recitation.