5 Ways to Maximize Your Revenue as a Spa Owner


It is very likely that your spa profits are already good and you are happy with the numbers. However, did you know that is a high chance that the profit numbers can further improve without tweaking the pricing plan for the services offered by you? As hard as it maybe to believe, but profitability isn’t only dependent on pricing or the bouquet of services. On the contrary, it is dependent on a combination of factors such as additional services, customer experience, discounts, and promotions. Thus, when one is talking about profitability, it is important that as a spa owner you take a holistic view in all areas of your business. In this article, we share 5 ways you can maximize your revenue.

  • Run promotions campaign during off-peak hours

One of the low-hanging fruit to maximize revenue is to run promotional campaigns during the off peak hours of the business. A quick scan through your appointment calendar will show you off-peak hours. Offering promotional deals during off-peak hours has multiple advantages such as increasing revenue and keeping your staff engaged. Even if you offer your services at 30-40% discount during the off-peak hours you can rest assured of seeing a fully booked appointment calendar. A great way to automate such promotional campaigns is by deploying a cloud-based spa software. The software can easily analyze your past sales data to help you curate a choice of services based on their popularity.

  • Up-selling Products & Services  

A second easy way to increase your revenue is by up-selling both products and services. Contrary to the popular belief, upselling is not a herculean task. Infact with the aid of technology, also known as a cloud based spa software, upselling of both products and services has never been easier. If you’re not already leveraging the analytics feature of your spa software system, then it is about time that you do it. Designed to work intuitively, the cloud based spa software analyzes the customer profile, past purchase history and starts up-selling both products & services as soon as the appointment booking is confirmed. As these up-selling campaigns are highly personalized to the customer’s taste get easily accepted. Another great way to upsell products and services is by training your staff to do so. Here also a cloud based spa software can easily assist your team in up-selling of products and services.  As soon as the booking is converted into a confirmed appointment, the cloud based spa software shares the guest profile, preferences and recommendations of products and services to your staff such that they can easily upsell products and services to the guests.

  • Curate Customer Experiences

As mentioned earlier, profitability isn’t limited only to products and services. Believe it or not, customer experience plays a big role in increasing your spa’s profitability. Nowhere is the concept more applicable than in a spa. A spa is place where the customer comes to relax, and therefore it is imperative that the overall experience of visiting the spa should be both relaxing and rejuvenating. For a customer, the journey commences from the time of making a booking to providing post service feedback. As such for the customers, the entire journey must be both appealing, and efficient. One of the ways how spas can make the experience delightful is by deploying a cloud based spa software to manage the end to end process. Did you know that Zenoti spa management software allows customers s to book appointments in just 4 simple steps, and provides them with a host of choices to settle invoices? Whether it is accepting payments for monthly subscriptions or accepting payments via wallets and cards, Zenoti Pay empowers your spa to match your customer preferences.


  • Incentivize Employees

While a cloud based spa software will definitely help you run your promotional campaign, it is not a replacement to organic marketing. A great way to boost your revenue is incentivize employees to upsell or upgrade services that they offer to clients. Instead of asking your employees to merely spread the word of promotional campaign, offer them performance linked incentives. For instance, you come up with offers that the employee, who gets the most patrons to choose promotional offers will get a gift voucher to dine at his or her choice of restaurant. Doing this will not only increase your sales but also create a healthy competition between the employees and boost their morale.

  • Run a robust loyalty program

It is a known fact that spas and salons run on regular patronage. While it is important to enroll new customers, it is perhaps more important to retain the existing ones as it is a known fact that the cost of acquiring a new customer is approximately ten times the cost of retaining an existing customer. One of the ways to ensure regular patronage of existing clients is by running a robust loyalty program. Thankfully, in today’s time and age, you can rely upon the cloud based spa software to assist you in both creating and running a fool proof customer loyalty program such that you can give your customers the best that they deserve. While getting into the details of what a customer loyalty program can do for your business is out of the purview of this article, we can surely say that it is definitely a game changer.

We hope that you will try these techniques to boost your revenue. Happy Earnings!