7 valuable tips to proofread your dissertations like a pro

You have toiled for months to complete your dissertation. You have sacrificed your friends, families and endured sweat and tears so that the dissertation can come into being. When the time for the handover nears, it is an exciting time for you. Dissertation submission means you are one step closer to your goal. You may have written it yourself, or you may have taken paper writing help.

There is no shame in taking help from academic experts because everyone seeks help only when in trouble. These assignment writers are professionals who can help you out of these sticky situations only.

However, you must take your time to check the essays before you submit them to your supervisors or professors. It does not matter if you wrote the dissertation yourself or got homework help from online services. These get written by humans at the end of the day, which means there is always a chance for error. You can always make silly grammatical mistakes or omit punctuation. There can be some minor spelling errors as well. You do not want your months of hard work to go down the drain because of such small mistakes. So you must know how to proofread your essays and detect any errors before reaching your professor.

On that note, let us explore 7 tips to proofread your dissertation like a professional –

1. Give yourself rest

Dissertations never give you any breathing space. The moment you get a dissertation, the clock starts to tick, and the speed of the countdown never sows down. The submission date of the dissertation is one of the biggest concerns for all the students. So, taking the advice of resting may seem ridiculous. However, every student makes this error of underestimating the need for rest.

Sometimes, it gets necessary to take your mind away from dissertations and other worries. Use that time to put your mind together. You will be able to see an old problem in a completely new light once you take a break to freshen up your mind. So, you will be able to discover flaws that previously seemed untraceable.

2. Read it backwards

When you rush to complete a project or dissertation quickly, the brain suddenly starts to rush through everything. You involuntarily start glancing through the essays without reading each word properly. It feels like someone is running behind to catch you all the time. But, unfortunately, that is not the right way to proofread a dissertation.

Assignment editing agencies advise the proofreaders to start reading from the bottom and move to the beginning. That way, you cannot rush through the lines and read each word. In addition, reading the words in inverse order helps you spot several minute errors that you may have missed in a hurry.

3. Read it out loud

You can spot the errors more effectively if you keep pronouncing the words you have written. When you speak aloud everything you are writing, it helps you focus on your writing even more. You can understand the words, phrases, and meanings even better. You will discover a rhythm that will enhance your writing. You will feel something is off once you lose that rhythm. That will instantly alert you to be more careful while proofreading. You can work upon that part till it sounds right to your ears.

4. Pay attention to each sentence

Ideally, you need to proofread your dissertation twice before submission. While you are doing the first proofread, you need to focus more on the construction of the sentences. In addition, you need to make sure that the meaning is correct and sounds logical. If you are satisfied with the first read, you need to reread it for the second time.

The second proofreading session is crucial because it focuses more on fine-tuning. This time, you need to focus on each word. You need to read every word one by one. You need to check the punctuations, the spellings, and the formatting. Your attention to these finer details will help you submit the perfect dissertation you are working hard for.

Your dissertation is supposed to express what you want and not some medley of words and figures. You can finally amalgamate your ideas perfectly when you pay attention to each sentence. Those beautifully explained ideas will result in the dissertation eventually.

5. Double-check everything

The whole point of proofreading is achieving perfection. Attaining perfection is not an easy nor a fast process. You need to invest time, effort, and diligence to ensure perfection in work. None has ever achieved a perfect essay with just one read. Indeed, it may seem enough to you, but you will always find an error, or more the further you go digging in the essays.

Doing one proofread is simultaneous to leaving your work in the hand of fate. Therefore, always ensure double-checking everything, however tiresome the process may feel. You will most certainly find some flaws the second time you go through the dissertation. However, once you have double-checked everything, you will be sure about submitting a perfect dissertation.

Although, there is an opposing belief to this approach. Some experts feel that if you go through your writing multiple times, that only proves your insecurity about your capabilities. You will end up making unnecessary alterations. Dissertations are ideally huge pieces of literary work. Reading the same piece over and over again will make it seem too boring. That will leave you in a worse state of mind. You will be confused about when to submit.

So, try to check everything thoroughly the first time. If you feel like giving a second shot, go for double scrutiny.

6. Make a list of the mistakes

The force of habits drives humans. You will continue making the same errors in any other project you are doing. So, those errors must get highlighted in front of your eyes all the time. So, you need to make a list of the mistakes you are constantly making. That can be misspelt words, grammar mistakes, or usage of any punctuation. It will hardly take any time to make a list of the errors, but once you have that list in front of you, the corrections will stick in your mind. Making a list can stop you from making the same mistakes ever again.

7. Get a second opinion

This may come as a surprise, but professional writers check their work with professional editors. That is not because they lack the skill. On the contrary, they hire a second set of eyes because it is impossible for one person to do so much in so little time. It gets stressful for one person to write everything and then check every spelling and grammar with careful eyes.

Do not worry if you cannot hire a professional editor yourself. Instead, seek help from your friends, seniors, or teachers. Only ensure that whom you are asking to check must have the necessary knowledge to understand the dissertation and check for any flaws. Getting a second pair of eyes to investigate the essay is helpful.

Parting Thoughts

The moment you do your final check of the dissertation, you feel content and satisfied. The feeling of accomplishment is immensely satisfying. Proofreading your dissertation seems challenging. But you can do it a lot simply by following these tips. Remember, thorough proofreading is the key to submitting a truly flawless dissertation.

Author Bio:

John Shelby used to teach English in one of the reputed colleges in the country. Assignmenthelp.us currently employ him as an online assignment writer.