Muscle Growth

8 Smart Ways To Improve Muscle Growth

Muscle building is a primary goal of many individuals who dedicatedly hit the gym. And the faster you see results, the more motivated you feel to stay on course in your fitness journey. But that said, achieving visible results is not easy. Many regular goers still struggle to understand what it takes to build muscles effectively and see positive results.

Muscle building is a complex process that cannot happen with just the effort in the gym or loading up on proteins. It requires pushing your muscles to their limits and helping them recover efficiently to grow bigger and stronger. If you wish to improve your muscle growth, we present eight practical tips to achieve these results.

1. Supplement Rightly

Even when you continue to have healthy meals, our body sometimes requires additional aids to be able to express the kind of results we expect in muscle growth. It is especially true for bodybuilders who need supplementary aids through steroids for efficient results.

You can buy trenbolone for sale online, it’s a powerful, helpful supplement for beginners to achieve strength, stamina, and growth. Research and take professional guidance to understand the various options available in the market and how these supplements can enable your muscle growth. This way, you can identify the right aids that can support the body to convert efforts in the gym into tangible results.

2. Tire Out Your Muscles

The number of sets or repetitions you need per exercise should depend on when your muscle gets drained and gives up. It is called exercise till it is close to failure. At this point, your muscles are tired and cannot do another set.

A simple way to do this is to reduce the number of repetitions per set gradually. For example, if you have three sets of 10 repetitions, start with 10 in the first set and lower the count by one for each progressive set. Continue to pour in the efforts to complete the exercises even when you might feel like you cannot do another repetition.

3. Consume Sufficient Protein

One of the most common mistakes that lead to poor muscle growth is low protein consumption. Our body utilizes protein reserves for several processes, including hormone synthesis. But muscle growth occurs from a process called protein synthesis, where these proteins are used for healing, repairing, and building. When you consume low amounts of protein, most of the reserve goes towards other processes, leaving barely any for muscle growth.

Sufficient Protein

On average, consuming about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight can help maximize protein availability for synthesis. Make sure to introduce the nutrient through different meals throughout the day to receive a good amount of calories.

4. Focus On Strength Training

Heavy weight lifting is one of the best ways to increase muscle protein synthesis and grow them. When you lift heavy weights, the fibers go through damage that causes the body to allocate resources for repair and healing. Over time, your muscles can grow bigger and stronger.

Strength Training

But the trick to achieving these results lies in increasing the muscle tension over time. When the body gets used to the degree of restraint experienced during an exercise, it can no longer go through damage. But when you increase the load or weight over time, you can create the same effect and achieve muscular growth.

5. Have A Drink

Workouts increase blood flow throughout your body, including the working tissues. While most enthusiasts like to enjoy a protein shake post-workout, taking them before you set to exercise might be rather useful. The increased blood flow encourages better uptake of nutrients from the drink and will continue to improve energy and support longer workouts.

Make sure to enjoy a protein shake brimming with essential amino acids and a competent level of carbohydrates. You can also enjoy these nutrients in the form of a salad, sandwich, or however pleasing for you at least 30 minutes before the workout.

6. Hard Isn’t The Only Way

Although progressive loading and muscle exhaustion have a way of bringing good results, it is not necessary to take this route every day. Training hard every day will not give your body a chance to grow. So plan your workouts smartly.

Mix up your workouts to contain brutal sessions at least 2-3 times a week. Fill up the rest of the sessions with exercises that move a muscle without exhausting them.

7. Fix Your Form

Having a trainer, especially in the initial days of your training, serves the primary purpose of achieving the right form. The form is imperative for muscle growth as it helps work for the right muscle groups. It can lengthen or contract the muscles in focus to bring good results. The wrong form can affect the final growth results and increase the risk of injury to muscles and bones.

8. Switch To Dynamic Warm-Ups

Warms ups are an essential routine to prepare your muscles before a workout. Typically it contains stretching exercises for releasing the tension and stiffness.

But  static stretching exercises may not be enough to support muscle growth, as they could affect the workout performance. Instead, choose dynamic exercises like squats or light lifts before setting into the strength training routine for the best results.


The trick to achieving impressive muscle growth is approaching it using smart tips and a ton of hard work. Use these practical ideas to improve muscle growth and promise exceptional results from your gym workouts.