9 Ways to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient

Now that the seasons are changing and people are gearing up for a frigid winter, many homeowners will look for methods to save money and energy without compromising any of the conveniences they’ve come to expect in their homes. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook strategies to enhance the efficiency of their refrigerators or supplementary freezers. These two appliances are not only among the most crucial in your home, but they also waste energy every minute of the day. Fridge double door is the most commonly used one nowadays

To begin, it should be highlighted that if your refrigerator is more than 15 years old, you may want to consider upgrading to maximize energy savings. If you have an old refrigerator, consider recycling it and replacing it with a best-selling refrigerator. Although the initial cost of a new unit is significant, you will save money in the long term on energy savings.

The good news is that improving your refrigerator’s efficiency is not only simple and affordable but it can also be done in a variety of ways which is inbuilt in the best LG refrigerator. Let’s look at nine ways that any household may make their refrigerator or freezer more energy efficient.

Top ways to make fridge more efficient

  1. Inspect the sealing

The first step in making your refrigerator as energy efficient as possible is to inspect the seals around the door’s edge. You should be able to snuggly sandwich a piece of paper between the seals if they’re operating correctly. It’s time to change the seals if you can easily wriggle the paper about or if they don’t hold it in place at all.

  1. Keep it filled

An empty fridge loses heat more quickly and takes longer to chill than one that is full. Because there is less area for air to flow in a full refrigerator, it will be more energy-efficient. Even an empty, sealed container is preferable to nothing.

  1. Make sure the doors are shut.

This is the most obvious—and cheapest—way to lower your energy use, regardless of the type of refrigerator you have. Standing in front of an open fridge may and will increase your energy cost significantly.

It takes more energy to bring your appliance to its original temperature when the cold air exits. If at all possible, determine what you want before opening the refrigerator or freezer doors. Making decisions before opening your fridge helps you to decrease the number of times you open it daily, resulting in significant energy savings in your house.

  1. Coils should be cleaned.

The coils are normally found in the bottom or rear of the device. To get to them, you may need to remove a grill, although this normally only requires snapping off a plate or removing a few basic screws. If your refrigerator’s coils are at the rear, you may need to roll or pull it away from the wall, which will also allow you to clean the floor under it. A dedicated coil-cleaning tool may be purchased, although a vacuum cleaner attachment or a stiff brush can also be used. Simply clean the coils with a vacuum or a brush, eliminating dust as you go. Also, clean the condenser fan. Cleaning the coils in this manner should be done once or twice a year, and more frequently if you have dogs that shed.

  1. Keep refrigerators and freezers out of direct Heat.

The harder the fridge has to work to keep the contents chilled, the hotter the room gets. To maintain its interior temperature, your fridge has to work 2.5 percent more for every 1° over 21°C outside. Keep your refrigerator away from bright sunlight, heaters, and stoves, and never keep it on an enclosed porch.

  1. Allow time for hot foods to cool.

When hot items are placed in the fridge, the heat produced causes the fridge to work harder to maintain a cool temperature. Allow heated items to cool to room temperature before storing them in the fridge or freezer to avoid this.

  1. Defrost regularly

The motor of the freezer has to work harder because of the accumulation of frost on the walls. Manually-defrosting refrigerators should be defrosted twice a year or when the defrost level reaches 14 inches or higher. After removing the contents, disconnect the device and wait until all of the frosts have melted and been removed before connecting it back in. In a fridge double door , one can perform defrost easily.

  1. Filters should be changed

Many individuals are unaware that filters in refrigerator ice makers and water dispensers must be replaced regularly. For detailed suggestions and replacement information for your model, consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Changing the filters on your ice maker and water dispenser can keep them clean and help them work more effectively. Changing your fridge filters as you change other filters throughout your house is an excellent method to remember to do it.

  1. Food should be covered.

Food should be stored in containers with tight-fitting lids or firmly wrapped in foil or plastic wrap. This will aid in the reduction of moisture in the unit.


You can minimize your energy use and save money on your electric bill each month by following these 9 simple measures to improve the efficiency of your refrigerator. If it’s time to replace your old appliance, seek one that is Energy Star certified on your next purchase. To maximize your green contributions to the environment, you may also recycle your old refrigerator, fridge double door to the better and latest one. Best LG refrigerator comes with all the latest features and has higher efficiency.