Hookah Pens

Are Hookah Pens Bad for You? What You Should Know

Hookah pens are an electric cigarette that emits vapor when inhaled. The word hookah comes from an Arabic word, “huqqa,” which means a tobacco pipe. Although hookah pens come in a variety of designs, many of them are inspired by traditional tobacco. However, both disposable and reusable hookah pens claim to use e-juice that does not contain harmful tobacco ingredients such as nicotine and tar.

So, a big question arises, are hookah pens bad for you? If you are looking for the right answer, it is crucial to dig deep into research to understand hookah pens and the vape juice they use. Fortunately, this post has been prepared to help you make the right decisions.

Are Hookah Pens Bad for You? The Ingredients

What do hookah pens contain? Just like other vaping devices, they use vape juice that comes in different flavors and ingredients. While the device does not pose any health risks, the ingredients in the vape juice do.

  •       Nicotine and tar – These are the most dreaded ingredients in both traditional cigarettes and modern e-cigs. They contain poisonous ingredients that cause cancer and many other illnesses. When people vape an e-hookah without nicotine or tar, they reduce the risks associated with vaping. So, are hookah pens bad for you? They are not if the e-juice used does not contain nicotine and tar.
  •       Flavors – The e-juice used together with e-hookah pens is meant to enhance the experience. The danger of hookah pens is not in the flavors such as guava, strawberry, chocolate, candy, or menthol, but in nicotine, tar, and other harmful ingredients. You can choose flavors that you prefer to enhance your experience.
  •       Other ingredients – Are e-hookahs bad for your health? If you are still wondering, then you should consider whether there are other added ingredients apart from the food-grade PG and VG, and those that we’ve just mentioned. If there are unverified or unapproved ingredients, then it could take a toll on your health.

Are Hookah Pens Bad for You? Reducing the Risk

Whether you have just switched from smoking or just started afresh with e-hookahs, the biggest question is, are hookah pens bad for you? You can definitely keep the risk low by doing the following:

  •       Know what you are buying – Is an e-hookah pen bad for you? Many sellers will tell you that vaping is totally healthy. But the truth is that it can cause more risk than smoking if the ingredients of the vape juice have poisonous contents. So, do a background check to verify what you intend to use.
  •       Buy from legit sources – If you want to reduce the risk of using e-hookahs, always buy the device and vape juice from legit manufacturers and sellers. They have products that meet health standards, so they are the best option for anyone who is wondering: are hookah pens bad for you?

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Final Thoughts

Are hookah pens bad for you? From the insights shared above, these devices can be bad if they jeopardize your health or put you at any other risk. But they are a healthier alternative, especially when the ingredients have no nicotine and other harmful ingredients. So, choose carefully.