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Best Time to Visit in Dubai | Climate | Season

Don’t know when to go to Dubai? Still not sure when to go?

You are in the right place ! In this article I will give you advice on the best time to visit Dubai based on your budget and the activities and excursions that you want to do there.


Located on the Arabian Peninsula, the Emirate of Dubai enjoys a subtropical (desert) and arid climate.

Concretely it is hot and you have sun all year round. Clouds are quite rare.

However, we believe that there are two seasons:

  • A hot and long season that lasts from April to November. There is almost no rain, but the very high humidity makes it difficult to tolerate the heat, especially from April to October.
  • A mild and short season which lasts from December to March. As the temperature drops slightly (between 23 ° and 30 ° C), the summer is more pleasant. Rainfall is rare and erratic (about 10 rainy days a year).

The period from September to November can be considered mid-season. This is a transition from warm weather to mild weather. They are tolerable even if the temperature is high.


Summer is probably the worst season to visit Dubai. Due to the surrounding humidity (often over 90%), the heat is scorching and the temperature can be extreme and easily exceed 50 °C. Yes yes, you read that right! Over 50 degrees at the peak of the day during July and August.

In any case, there are rare days when the temperature is below 40 ° C. Some people may feel victimized by this climate.

Strong winds (shamal coming from the desert) can cause sandstorms and affect the city.

Despite the scorching heat, the city is very well equipped, tourists can take advantage of many customized and very comfortable infrastructure. All buildings up to the bus stop are equipped with air conditioning!

If you plan to visit Burj Khalifa and the great classics of Dubai, no problem, everything is air-conditioned!

If it’s too hot for you, take refuge in an air-conditioned shopping mall like the Dubai Mall. You can shop there, watch fish in its spacious aquarium, and cool off on the ice rink. The Mall of the Emirates is also not to be missed as you can trek down the snowy slopes of Ski Dubai. Dubai is also full of water parks of all kinds: Aquaventure Dubai, Wild Wadi Water Park, Legoland Waterpark…

However, note that activity prices remain the same (water park admission, etc.).

On the other hand, with regard to excursions in the desert, the prices are much more interesting!

The sun rises at 5.30 in the morning and sets at 7 in the evening.

It is low season, there are fewer people in Dubai and prices are more affordable, especially with regard to car rental and accommodation prices. For example: a 250 euro room in high season may cost 100 euro in summer. Rather interesting, no?


Temperatures are more tolerable: an average of 25 °C during the day and 15 to 20 °C at night. Dubai then experienced a peak in visitors. If you don’t know when to go to Dubai, then this is the perfect season!!

In December, January and February, it rains occasionally (less than 5 days of rain per month).

The sun rises at 7 in the morning and sets at around 5:40 in the evening.

During this season, the program consists of more socio-cultural events such as the National Day of the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Marathon, the International Film Festival or even the Dubai Shopping Festival.

This is the best time to visit Dubai. The climate of Dubai is ideal during these months as you can enjoy the outdoor spaces without getting suffocated by the heat!

This is also the high tourist season (especially in December and January), the frequency of the city is more important and the prices are higher!


From May to September, the temperature is very hot and the humidity is very high.

If you can’t tolerate hot weather, avoid the months of July and August. It is over 40 °C and the peaks go beyond 45 °C. Humidity is also at its highest (95% highest). The climate of Dubai is not at all ideal during these two months of the year. If you do not know when to go to Dubai and you have a choice when it comes to your vacation, I do not recommend visiting during the summer months.

However, this period is not prohibitive for all this! So you can visit Dubai as the city has planned everything to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Which are the happiest months?

The most pleasant months are October, November and December. The weather is most pleasant. Temperatures often hover between 25° and 30° C during the day, which is ideal if you want to travel to Dubai without being overwhelmed by the heat and humidity.

Dubai during Ramadan

During Ramadan – Ramadan dates not known in advance – Dubai remains in slow motion.

The streets are empty during the day but full of people after the evening meal.

Hours are arranged: many restaurants are closed (in the afternoon), bars and nightclubs too.

Note, eating and drinking in public is prohibited! But, of course, you will be able to stay at your hotel as you normally would!

Now is not the right time to be there. However, the atmosphere is different and it really has its own charm! Without forgetting that the prices are more rewarding and the entertainment is higher in the evening.

When to go to Dubai and specifically for how many days?

Preferably for a stay of 5 to 10 days, it will give you the opportunity to do many activities, explore the city and explore the desert. If the duration of the stay is short, you will not be able to fully experience everything that Dubai and Emirates has to offer.

What to keep in your suitcase?

Especially bring light clothes. Plan a sweater or jacket for your evening walks (especially in winters). You may also need it if you have trouble tolerating air conditioning.

Choose cotton clothing as moisture will make you sweat quickly, plus long sleeves and pants to protect you from the sun.

Also, don’t forget to bring sunglasses, good sunscreen (with a high index) and a hat or hat to protect you from the sun.

No need to carry an umbrella or boots with you! Rain is rare and rarely lasts long.

Ladies, ladies, Dubai being a state of Muslim tradition, avoid large necklines and shorts. Choose loose clothes. The population is understanding though, don’t worry!


When is the best time to enjoy the pleasant climate?

Certainly between November and April. This is a period of mild temperatures and rare rainfall. In May and October, temperatures are warm but bearable.

When is the best time to explore the city?

January is the best time to visit the city and the surrounding area as it is the coldest time of the year (the temperature varies between 23 and 25 °C during the day!) It is very pleasant and if you do not know When to go, January/February/March are my favorite months.

When is the best time to go to the beach?

With water temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, you can swim in Dubai all year round. However, beware of sunburns as the UV index is high throughout the year.

In April, May and October, water temperatures are at their most pleasant (less hot). The climate of Dubai is ideal during these months, neither too hot nor too cold.