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Brian Musso Net Worth 2022; Biography, Wife, Parents & More

Who is Brian Musso?

Brian Musso is an American Soccer player who played as a catcher for Jets. Brian has been married to famous Singer and actress Heather Headley form last two decades. They got married in 2002. He is currently working as an investment advisor.

Personal Information

Brian was born on 11th September, 1975, so he is 47 year old guy. He was born in Mitcham, USA and is an American National. His Zodiac sign is Virgo and ethnicity is White. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.72M)

Early Life

On September 11, 1975, Brian Musso was born Mitcham in the United States of America. Currently, he is 47 years old.

His father’s name is Johnny Musso, and his mother’s name is Tanner Musso. Johnny Musso is an American Football player, He played in NFL for three years and was with Chicago Bears. He is also played Football in Canadian Football leagues and was part of the British Columbia Lions.

He has four siblings (all brothers) named are Scott Musso, Brad Musso, Zach Musso, and Tyler Musso.

Personal Life

Brian is married to Heather Headley. Both of them Attended Northwestern University in Chicago, met at a part and love blossomed. They were married on 6th September, 2003, eight months after their engagement. It was apparently love at first sight and Brian fell head over heels for her.


They share three kids among them, two boys and a girl. The eldest John David Musso was born on 1st December, 2009, Jordan Chase Musso was born after 5 years on August, 18, 2014 the youngest, apple of their eye their daughter was born on April 2019.

Family Man

Brian is an all American family man, with a beautiful wife and three cute kids, they also have two dogs to keep the family house busy. He is a shy man and stays away from social media, loves to spend time with his kids and play with his dogs. His favorite past time is to do BBQ’s on Sunday for his family and watch Football.

Wife Occupation

Heather Headley is a Singer, Song Writer, Director and record Producer born in 1974. She is from Trinidad and though her parents Hannah and Eric Headley are from Barbados.

She moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana when she was 15 with her younger brother Eric junior.

Heather is 2000 Tony Award winner for Best actress in a musical. She played the titular role Aida. She also won the 2010 Grammy Award for her album Audience for one in the R&B Gospel Category.

She started her career in 1996 as the cast member of the musical Ragtime, an ensemble by the Toronto production.

She got famous by doing the voice over and role for Nala in the musical The Lion King. This was the turning point in her career. She was called and collaborated famous artists around the world.

She guest appeared for Andrea Bocelli’s concert Vivere Live in Tuscany, Italy. After this she had a successful TV/Stage career, she appeared in TV series – She got to have it as a lead artist and won plaudits for that.

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Net income

Brian and Heather both are upwards of 20 Million dollars’ worth. Brian has a successful Investment advisory form and is a celebrity husband. Heather is a successful artist, actress and singer and brings in the major chunk of money.

Brian Musso is happily married and have a great family life going on for him and we wish him the best wishes.

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