Business and Forgiveness Culture


In the growth of every business, decisions are very important. Normally, we think decisions and strategies are done by the higher-up people in the company. But the thing we don’t know is that decisions are also done by the employees. Employee decisions also affect the performance of the company business. Sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way. In this article, we will talk about the mistake done by the employee and how the forgiveness culture the growth of the company business.

Importance of Punishment:

In a company, all the employees work together in a peaceful environment. In a workplace, workers work with each other and have pure faith in their partner’s capabilities. But sometimes, even a small rift between can cause so much disturbance in the company. A rift between the employees of a company shows the negative image to their customers and as well as clients.  This is why the company has to impose punishments on the employees so that no such things happen in the future. Punishment can be like deduction in the salary, suspension, or in the worst case company will fire the worker

Forgiveness Culture:

In today’s era, the most company are still following the old ways. These companies are making strict rules and harsh punishment for the employers. These companies believe by imposing strict rules and punishment the employee will do fewer mistakes in the work. But little bit they know by doing this they are reducing the efficiency of the worker. In the workplace, the employee should be able to make his own decision, and they will do mistakes. But more importantly, the employee will learn from their mistakes and will be able to produce a better result for their company. It doesn’t mean that we should neglect every mistake of the employee because some mistakes can be very dangerous for the company and before giving the penalty to the worker, we should first check the root cause of the mistake. This will help the other workers as well to learn from their mistakes and produce the best result for their company.

Currently, many top businesses company like all titan part have applied this forgiveness culture in their company. The company check the root cause of every problem and also helps the worker in their problems. This is why their worker efficiency of doing work is chart apart from the other companies, and they are producing best selling products like titan paint sprayer parts for their company. Titan paint sprayer parts are the best-selling products of the All-titan company.


Forgiveness Culture demand balance in the workplace. If we never give penalties, it will result in the poor performance of the company. In the workplace, workers do have disagreements with each other and make mistakes often time. But The decision to give the right penalty on worker mistakes or neglecting the mistake will change the environment of the workplace. A positive culture in the workplace will make the worker stay in the company for a longer period.For more info

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