CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0 Lab Exam Details

The duration of this exam is 1 hour 55 minutes for solving 55 questions including multiple choices (multiple responses), Multiple choice (single response) and Scenarios with multiple questions. The passing score is 56% in this exam. It is held in Japanese, Simplified Chinese and English. For testing the following expertise this exam is designed. You can access CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0 Lab Exam.

  1. Describe and position CISCO Service offerings related to CISCO storage solutions
  2. Plan and design an Enterprise Backup Solution
  3. CISCO Enterprise Backup vision, strategy, products and solutions
  4. Expand and extend opportunities for current and future customer business
  5. Design, validate and propose a solution
  6. Identify the customer’s requirements
  7. Describe CISCO products and solutions
  8. Explain the fundamental architectures and technologies of Enterprise Solutions

The candidates who have a minimum of one year of experience in storage technologies are the ideal for this exam. You must have expertise in complex storage solutions to meet those needs, design enterprise scope, identify and define business requirements.

Exam Topics

  1. Solution planning and design 46%

  • Opportunity discovery
  • Plan and design a solution.
  • Size a solution.
  • Proposal review and validation
  • Present to a customer.
  1. Competitive positioning 14%

  • Identify the strength of CISCO Storage solutions.
  • Illustrate the competitive advantage of CISCO solutions.
  • Demonstrate technology capabilities as solution options.
  1. CISCO Storage products, solutions, and service offerings 25%

  • Describe the CISCO Converged Storage strategy
  • Correctly position the CISCO Storage portfolio.
  1. Fundamental storage architecture and technology 15%

  • Describe storage transport components.
  • Describe and characterize SAN topologies.
  • Describe backup systems technology.
  • Describe data availability technologies.
  • Describe storage and network management.

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