Ever heard of the term; fire prevention specialist trainee? It is relevantly a new term for a layman and can be eerie to a person who does not know of it. However, with the rapid increase of fire cases all over the world, it has become momentous to recruit and disseminate more people with fire prevention training. According to a survey, about 10,000 fire cases are registered across different countries, destroying nearly 3,700 structures and around 2,495,889 acres of land.

What does a fire prevention specialist do?

  • It is an entry-level job whose basic duties involve the inspection and reviewing of construction sites, and other possible fire initiating occupancies.
  • Their job also involves maintaining files on the fire prevention activities and evaluating them per the federal and local fire codes and regulations.
  • They need to conduct various training sessions and classes for audiences and make them aware of fire prevention methods. However, they also must attend numerous seminars, classes and meetings to be updated with the current situations and their prevention methods.

Are you qualified to be a fire prevention specialist trainee?

  • In aspects of academics, you only need a diploma or graduation degree to work as an entry-level fire prevention specialist.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Knowledge of report writing, fire inspection methods, and applicable federal and local fire codes.
  • Skilled in computers and software, handling multiple tasks, and capability of working under pressure, along with communication and shrewdness.
  • In elements of academics, you simplest want a degree or commencement diploma to paintings as an entry-degree hearthplace prevention specialist. Valid driver’s license Knowledge of document writing, hearthplace inspection methods, and relevant federal and neighborhood hearthplace codes. Skilled in computer systems and software, managing a couple of tasks, and functionality of running beneathneath pressure, in conjunction with communique and shrewdness.

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But why be a fire prevention specialist trainee?

  • Saving lives- It alone looks like a good reason to be a fire prevention specialist. To be a fire prevention specialist, you have to begin from the entry level i.e. be a trainee. It provides a sense of contentment knowing that you were responsible for saving someone.
  • Saving the infrastructure- Thousands and lakhs of acres of land and buildings get destroyed every year in a fire. If you are a capable specialist and well aware of your duties, this loss can be hindered. This would result in saving of tremendous amount of money spend on re-building the infrastructures and can be used in the welfare and betterment of society.
  • Fire extinguishers- A lot of you would not be aware of the difference in the many available fire extinguishers. But a certified fire prevention trainee will be well informed about the differences and would be capable of using the right extinguisher at the right time.
  • Saving lives- It on my own seems like a great cause to be a hearthplace prevention expert. To be a hearthplace prevention expert, you need to start from the access degree i.e. be a trainee. It affords a feel of contentment understanding which you have been chargeable for saving someone. Saving the infrastructure- Thousands and lakhs of acres of land and homes get destroyed each yr in a hearthplace.
  • If you’re a succesful expert and nicely aware about your duties, this loss may be hindered. This might bring about saving of great amount of cash spend on re-constructing the infrastructures and may be used withinside the welfare and betterment of society.
  • Fire extinguishers- A lot of you will now no longer be aware about the distinction withinside the many to be had hearthplace extinguishers. But a licensed hearthplace prevention trainee could be nicely knowledgeable approximately the variations and might be able to the use of the proper extinguisher on the proper time.
  • Scope to grow- If you are a trainee in the fire prevention department, you have the scope to increment your position along with other incentives. There are three main levels for the fire prevention specialist. A trainee, a fire prevention specialist, and a senior fire prevention specialist.

To be a niche in the fire prevention department, you need to have heightened senses and spontaneity. You should be hyper-aware of your surroundings and the willingness to work at odd hours, even on the weekends. The ones who have already been admitted work in hazardous and stressful situations along with working near the peace officers.


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