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Creating Videos That Sell: 7 Types of Social Media Videos to Supercharge Your Sales Funnel

It’s been a while since social media has been a part of the digital marketing practice. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have become vital channels for businesses to supercharge their sales funnel.

Moreover, businesses have invested in video content to reach a broader audience and increase sales. This is also in line with the demand from customers. Over 50% of them expect to see video content from brands.

Not to mention that videos become powerful tools to convert prospects into paying buyers. Those who watch videos are 1,81 times more likely to make a purchase decision, resulting in a positive ROI.

However, in the endless stream of social media content, the question is, “How to make your content stand out in the crowd and drive sales?” One of the answers is to choose suitable video types for your business.

If you’ve been racking up your brain to find ideas, this article may help. We’ve compiled some of the best video types for social media content that can help you generate more sales. Without further delay, let’s dive right in!

#1. Animated Explainer Videos

The popularity of animated explainer videos has been on the rise these past few years. As versatile content, animated explainer videos are an ideal marketing tool to help you introduce products, raise brand awareness, and boost conversation rates.

You can deliver any message delightfully with the role of animations, illustrations, graphics, and other visual elements. On top of that, concise delivery helps viewers retain information better, resulting in optimum engagement.

Animated explainer videos can help you convey any message. Most importantly, they can break down complex concepts, processes, and ideas with delightful visuals. This type of video is ideal for technology companies.

#2. Live Videos

Live videos are effective in generating sales quickly. Almost all social media platforms provide live streaming features that users can use anytime. Among all, YouTube and Instagram are the most famous platforms to do live streaming.

TikTok is also famous for doing live streaming, but you have to garner 1,000 followers to have the chance to do live streaming. Customers can directly purchase products during the live streaming, allowing real-time interaction with the brand.

A survey in 2022 reveals that 35% of US consumers make a purchase after watching live-stream shopping events. Moreover, Live streaming selling has generated 70% of conversion rates for high-end products.

#3. Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos are one of the simplest options for marketing tools. Many businesses have used product demo videos to introduce and promote their products, resulting in a positive return on investments.

Typically, product demo videos are short, bite-sized content. Therefore, marketers need to convey vital messages straightforwardly to improve retention rates. The role of CTA is also crucial to drive audiences to take action.

#4. How-to Videos

How-to or tutorial videos are valuable content to target customers. They are essential as a marketing tool to educate audiences and pull them closer to your marketing funnel.

You can show how to use your product by showing the step-by-step guide for each feature. Also, consider offering case uses where your product can be the best solution.

If you create how-to videos, ensure that the video quality is excellent. You can also create animated explainer videos to explain how to use your product or service.

#5. Testimonial Videos

Buyers are most likely to look for reviews and testimonials before purchasing. They also look for testimonials on video platforms like YouTube and TikTok. This makes testimonial videos become an excellent asset for brands.

You can generate your testimonial video or encourage customers to create one. You can benefit those who make testimonial videos for your product to evoke their motivation.

Consider creating giveaways or challenges to attract audiences to do so. You can garner more testimonial videos effectively and tap new audiences on social media. Testimonials can help them make a final decision faster.

#6. Webinars

Hosting webinars is an excellent option if your target market is B2B and professionals. Webinars are very valuable and insightful to others, so they’re willing to sign up for one. This strategy can help you effectively generate relevant, and quality leads.

Consider featuring well-known people as your webinar guests. They can be experts in relevant fields and popular influencers with massive followers. Therefore people value your webinars as trustable and exciting at the same time.

#7. Influencer Collaboration Videos

Influencer marketing has gained popularity lately, and you can also join the trend by creating collaboration videos. This strategy is ideal if you want to generate revenue quickly, as influencers already have a massive community.

You can collaborate to create review videos, how-to videos, and product demos. But one thing to note is that you must choose influencers with the same niche as your brand to ensure that you have the same target audience as them.


The above video types are worth investing in for business. All of them are valuable to audiences and effective in converting prospects. Better still, you can raise brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and build credibility on social media.

To make your social media content generate optimum results, you also need to optimize them. Some of the basic practices are using keyword-friendly titles and incorporating hashtags. Lastly, stay alert to the recent and upcoming content trends to help you stay relevant and competitive in the industry.