Dell, Acer, HP, and Apple: Which Laptop Brand is Better?

Dell reviews are more widely available than reviews of any other laptop brand on the market. The reason for this is pretty simple; Dell sells more laptops than almost every other company. They make and sell many different types and styles of laptops and they appeal to a wide range of consumers. Because there are so many Dell reviews available online, we will only focus on Dell’s Studio line in this article. However, feel free to read over our other articles which compare cheap laptops vs expensive ones, HPs vs Macs, or Windows vs Mac if you have time after reading this article!


Prices: The prices for a Dell Studio laptop tend to range from around $600 on the low end up to about $1100. Most of their laptops cost around $800, which is why they are so popular. For this price point, you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Quality: The quality of a Dell laptop can vary depending on whether or not you purchase an extended warranty with it. Many people report getting several years out of their Dells if they buy the extra warranty protection and have their laptop serviced regularly . It is hard to say whether or not Dell’s quality has gone down over the last few years as many people who had a bad experience with them a long time ago refuse to give them another chance. However, because one bad experience with a Dell could have been a fluke (and not necessarily indicative of their quality), it is hard to say whether they are still maintaining the same standards.

Customer Service: The worst thing about Dell laptops is that many people who purchase them report having numerous problems with customer service. If you do not purchase the extended warranty then you will be stuck without your laptop for up to 4 weeks while it gets repaired under warranty . This can make for a very frustrating situation if you need your laptop on a regular basis like for school or work.

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Prices : The prices on Acer laptops range from around $350 on the low end up to about $900 depending on which features and options you choose. You can often find very cheap Acer laptops for under $300 if you shop around and get lucky. Unfortunately, this means that their prices could be slightly inflated by other websites who may not offer the best deal available.

Quality: Acer makes an average laptop; it is nothing amazing but also nothing bad. These computers should give you a pretty good run for your money and last at least 4 years like they advertise.

Customer Service: Customer service really depends on which company happens to service your area and how much trouble you have with your computer. For the most part, Acer has pretty good customer service and usually repairs anything wrong with the laptop quickly without any hassle . It all boils down to whether or not you need to use them in order to fix your computer and how bad you want it fixed. It only takes one very unpleasant experience with Acer’s customer service to leave a sour taste in your mouth; especially since they do not offer an extended warranty like most other companies do.


Prices : HP laptops range from as little as $300 on the low end up to around $1300 for their high-end models. This makes them have some of the lowest prices available without sacrificing too much quality, which is good. However, because so many people buy their cheaper models, this means that there are a lot more complaints about overheating and hardware malfunctions than there would be if people were buying the higher quality models. For this reason, we recommend going with a mid-range model which should give you the quality and features of a high-end one without any drama.

Quality: The quality of an HP laptop can vary quite a bit depending on what kind of luck you have with yours. Many people report having their laptops for several years before they start acting up or if they do, it is not too difficult to fix . Unfortunately, this also means that many other people (the unlucky ones) experience horrible malfunctions and overheating problems and end up spending more to repair them than what they paid in the first place. You never know how long your laptop will last until you open the box!

Customer Service: When all else fails, it seems like customers at least get well by customer service (most of the time). If you are not the type to keep up with your warranty protection, then HP’s customer service branch could be helpful in getting anything fixed that may have gone wrong. Overall, their customer service seems pretty decent.


Prices: Apple laptops are very expensive and generally cost around $1300 for a high-end model all the way up to $4500 for an especially nice one. Although they are so pricey, they have only been reported to have breakdowns 1% of the time. For this reason alone, many people who place extreme importance on quality always purchase Apple laptops because they do not want to take any risks with malfunctioning hardware or shoddy performance no matter how much it costs them.

Quality: It is no secret that people love Apple products because of the quality they are known for. Although Apple computers may be slightly more difficult to get your hands on than other laptops, it is well worth it if you need something reliable. However, if you are not willing to pay extra money just to get a laptop then you might want to consider another brand.

Customer Service: Not everyone has had problems with customer service when dealing with Apple, but some have reported difficulties in getting their issues fixed over the phone or through email. All in all, their customer service seems to be pretty decent and respects the fact that sometimes there are issues beyond their control.

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If you are on a budget and do mind having technical problems every once in a while, Acer and HP’s laptops may be a good choice. If you want the absolute best quality and will stop at nothing to ensure that your laptop is 100% free of malfunctions and glitches, Apple clearly has much better customer service than both brands as well as the superior product.

Also, keep in mind that many retail stores such as Best Buy or Costco offer extended warranties (usually for one year) on their laptop computers which could come in handy if anything does go wrong with your device. This means that there is no need to stress about whether or not it will work after you open up the box!