Delta 8 Cartridges

Delta 8 Cartridges: Tackling Burnt Taste and Airflow Problems + Storage Guide (2024)

Not just seasoned vapors but also beginners are familiar with the name Delta 8 cartridges. This has happened due to their potent effects and convenience. However, users may also face certain issues even when using such top-notch components essential for high-quality vaping sessions. 

This type of cartridge is an essential part of your favorite vape pen. But after some time you may experience a burnt taste and airflow problems. Don’t worry! Nothing can hamper your favorite session if you can find some practical solutions to fix them. Moreover, you’ll have to continue reading this blog to find some useful ideas to enhance your vaping experience.

So, continue exploring!

Handling Burnt Taste and Airflow Problems: Some Useful Tips

Taste and Airflow

  • Adjust Voltage Settings:

We know you will always pick a high-quality e rig. But while choosing a device you must keep in mind that it must have proper variable voltage settings. Moreover, for better results, you must start at a lower voltage. You must start increasing the voltage once you find the optimal settings. This way, your device will only produce smooth vapor without burning the oil. So, start taking care of the cartridge and your vape pen by understanding how to control and adjust the voltage settings. 

  • Clean Air Vent:

Your device and each of its components should be properly washed regularly. So, don’t forget to clean the air vents as you start the thorough cleaning process. You can use a cotton swab or a toothpick to clean this area. Moreover, don’t miss the battery as cleaning its air vent is also a must. By removing any residue or debris you can improve the airflow. This way, it’s easy to prevent clogging due to which you may face uneven vaporization. 

  • Check Cartridge Compatibility:

Yes, you must verify if the cartridge is compatible enough with your vape pen. Also, check if it’s properly installed. But why is it necessary? Well, mainly misaligned or poorly fitted cartridges can restrict airflow. With the blocked airflow the device may perform poorly and also you may experience a burnt taste. So, conduct a proper compatibility check before picking any vape pen for your Delta 8 cartridges. 

  • Proper Storage:

Handling a cartridge of this type requires proper care and that’s why you must store it in a proper place. So, find a cool dark place to store the cartridge safely. Moreover, the place must be away from direct sunlight and heat sources. You can also find an air-tight container or any zipper-lock bags. This way you can minimize its exposure to air and moisture. This type of exposure is not desirable as it can degrade the oil and may also affect the flavor. 

  • Choose High-Quality Oil:

Using low-quality oil with impurities is not ideal for your vape device or its components. You may also have to face a burnt taste due to this. Moreover, you can also experience airflow issues if the quality of the oil is not top-notch. That’s why, choose only reputable and reliable brands to buy high-quality oil. Moreover, such products are known for their purity and potency. So, safeguard that cart with a high-quality oil ideal for your vape pen and the cart’s longer life span.

Storage Guidelines for Delta 8 Cartridges

  • Avoid Extreme Temperature:

The best place to store your Delta 8 cartridge is a cool place that’s not prone to extreme temperatures. Due to high temperature, the oil may thin out and leak. Besides, an extremely lower temperature is not ideal for it either as it may thicken. So, pick an airtight container to store your Delta 8 cartridge and do it safely.

  • Vertical Storage is a Must:

While keeping your Delta 8 cartridge keep in mind that you need to store it upright. So, the mouthpiece must face upward and it helps you prevent leakage. This way you can also ensure an even and balanced distribution of oil within the cart.

  • Stay away from Moisture:

While looking for a suitable storage for your cartridge you must find a place that’s away from moisture. So, don’t keep it in a bathroom, kitchen, or any place where humidity levels are high.

  • Check Regularly:

Proper storage does not just include keeping the cart in a safe and dry place. It also means that you must keep it safe and damage-free. That’s why checking your cart regularly is required. You must verify if you can trace any signs of leakage, or discoloration. Thus identify issues faster so that you can take the required actions. 


Your vape pen does need top-notch cartridges like Delta 8. But you may also stay updated with all the common issues that you may have to face. So, keep in mind the quick fixes that we have mentioned here for your benefit. Also, try to protect the cart by keeping it in a safe and cooler place. Enjoy your vaping sessions by following the tips that we have shared with you.

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