Does Color Psychology Matters in Custom Packaging?

custom printed boxes

Introduction to Custom Boxes

Packaging is the most powerful tool which you can use to make an impact in the market. If you are planning on targeting massive audience then you have to study what they are looking for in the packaging. In this regard, custom printed boxes are the ideal choice to fulfill both customers and your business requirements. To exhibit products in an attractive way to customers, companies often reach for customized packaging solutions. In recent years, new technologies and packaging methods have taken the packaging industry by storm. Custom packaging is not only meant to display or pack products in the most attractive way but to communicate with customers. If your packaging failed to do so, then what is the point of the packaging? Think outside the box and create a lasting impression on customer’s mind. Incorporate your logo, name, and most importantly your color scheme properly into packaging and let your packaging do the wonders. This article will take you through importance of customized packaging and why selection of right logo and color is significant for your brand.

How Customized Packaging Differentiate Your Brand?

Over the years, competition in the market has grown tough. Every brand or company is upping their packaging game in order to grab the attention of customers. If you want to stand out amongst them you need to incorporate innovative packaging solutions. These boxes can be tailor-made into different sizes, colors, styles, designs, and shapes according to the business requirements. The main purpose of the packaging is to protect the product packed inside the box. However, customized packaging is also meant to send a clear message to the customer that what your brand has to offer. Costumers always judge the brand or the products by the packaging they come in. Different companies have their customize packaging with unique color schemes which makes their product stand out amongst others in the competition.

Importance Logo and Its Color Selection

Packaging plays an important role in making or breaking any brands image. If packaging is not done right, forget your brand will make it big in the market. Custom boxes with logo on them are the cheapest and effective way of promoting brand. Therefore, selection of right logo and color is very significant for any brand. Apart from packaging, logo on it delivers your brands message to the customers. They will recognize your company through logo on your packaging. There incorporate right colors into your logo and represent your brand personality in it for reaching your potential customers.

How Color Play with Human Psychology?

Colors have a lot to do in our daily life. Different colors play with human psychology and triggers different behavior and emotions. You might have noticed, every time you see MacDonald’s it makes you want to eat it. That is because of the color used in the logo. These yellow and orange colors make you hungry which is why mostly fast food brands incorporate these colors into their logo.

Colors are the best way to reflect and improve branding of your products. You should select colors which will associate to your logo and reflect the message you are trying to send your potential buyers. Many companies make mistake of choosing their favorite colors without checking the subconscious messages of the color. These colors might look attractive for your packaging but will be inappropriate for your business image. Below we have described the use of warm and cool colors and how you can use them in your packaging. make sure to pick colors that are suited for your brand and product.

Cool colors

The brighter the colors used in the packaging less serious it becomes and looks more sober. There are some cool colors like blue, Turquoise, pink, yellow, and orange which can be used in packaging for variety of occasions like in kids birthday gifts, baby shower, engagement, and reception. Cool colors are mostly associated with trust, honesty, unity, strength, and reliability. These colors are perfect for this type of packaging. Hence, if you are using boxes of these colors we assure you that these boxes won’t let you down and you will be appreciated.

Warm colors

There are some colors that are associated with the range of emotions from comfort and warmth to aggression and anger such as red, yellow, and orange. However, at some points these colors are associated with the hunger and craving. This is the reason why most food brand uses these colors abundantly in their packaging to make their customers feel hungry. Red, navy blue, and purple are the colors which can be used for the packaging of wedding gifts as the purple and blue is related with the royalty and red is with the love and affection.  Therefore, if it’s about the wedding gifts, these types of colors are fit for the occasion.


There is a range of colors that you can choose from the packaging, but the selection of right color is important. Colors selection makes a hug e difference in the sales so it should be kept in mind what type of brand it is and what color scheme will represent the brand best in the market. Whether it is a food brand, clothing brand, grocery brand, packaging brand, or any other brand its colors selection makes it different from other brands. Similarly, if the right colors are selected it will help in boosting sales as customers will be able to develop a psychological connection with the brand.