Doggy dentures: 4 tips for dog teeth care

Your doggo’s oral hygiene is just as important as their regular hygiene, especially when you consider the health problems that can occur if their teeth aren’t kept clean!

With this in mind, we thought we would share four top tips for keeping their teeth clean. You already bought them the best dog insurance Australia has available, now it’s time to ensure their oral hygiene is top notch so that their health and wellbeing is also at its best:

1. Use a quality toothpaste to brush their teeth

It’s the same for your pooch as it is for you: brushing their teeth is fundamental for good oral health. It is ideal to brush their teeth every day, but if you can’t do that, doing so at least once enough should be fine (although it is best to do it as often as possible).

Most pups will learn to appreciate and handle teeth cleanings, even if they seem to hate it at first. You can even pick up specially-designed toothbrushes with soft bristles, angle handles and even multiple heads to make cleaning their teeth so much easier.

You’ll need a special, quality toothpaste for your doggo, as human toothpaste has all kinds of nasties that could harm your doggo. Thankfully, doggo toothpaste comes in a wide range of tasty varieties, including chicken and peanut butter.

2. Give them chews to nibble on

Dental chews can be great for your pup’s health whilst also stimulating their desire to gnaw on a tasty treat! They will be so busy chewing and gnawing away on their treat that they will forget to cause any further trouble around the house!

These chews are designed to minimise the buildup of tartar and plaque while polishing their teeth. Dental chews come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with special nubs and ridges that fit into the gaps between their teeth to encourage blood flow through their gums. The hollow spaces and shapes allow them to bite and grip the chew easily – just be sure to supervise them when they’re playing with it!

3. Try a doggy dental spray

If your pup’s breath is really stinky, and it’s stopping you from giving them a little cuddle, dental sprays can be a great way to rectify the issue. It’s a fast way to take care of their nasty breath, and be used in between brushings or as a standalone solution.

They are designed to kill plaque-creating bacteria whilst making their breath much fresher. What’s more, they can also inhibit and remove plaque build-up. Most sprays are easy to use, and you will most likely have to give their gums and teeth a quick spray.

Some dogs hate oral cleaning, so dental sprays can quickly be applied with minimal effort and less fear of them hating their dental clean, but try and keep it 30 minutes before or after eating for best results!

4. The legendary chew toy

If you have a little rascal of a doggo who loves nothing more than mucking around with a chew toy, you will be happy to know that these are one of the best solutions to keeping your dog entertained whilst improving their oral health. Gnawing is also a great way for new puppies to soothe their teething pain. For older doggos, it’s a great way to keep them mentally stimulated – so it’s an all-round winner.

Try out any one – or all – of these handy hints to keeping your pup’s teeth clean and hygienic. They all go a long way to maintaining dogs general health, so be sure to keep on top of at least one of them for ultimate results!