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Effective Natural Home Remedies For Loss Of Appetite

Are you guilty of throwing plates of unfinished food? Do you find it difficult to finish even a small bowl of your favourite dish? Don’t worry! There are various home remedies for loss of appetite, which can help you to improve your appetite and desire to eat again. It’s time to take action before this condition leads to weight loss and nutritional deficiencies. 

Home Remedies To Increase Appetite Naturally

There are many causes of loss of appetite. Instead of appetite stimulants and Cypon syrup and Cypon syrup use and their side effects, which you can consider before using you can use home remedies to increase appetite naturally. 

Below, we’ve mentioned the list of home remedies to increase appetite naturally. 

1- Black Pepper

Are you looking for some natural remedies to improve loss of appetite? Try black pepper. It treats all kinds of gastrointestinal problems. Also, it helps to improve the appetite by stimulating the taste buds and enhancing the stomach acid to aid digestion. 

You can take black pepper with 1 tbsp with one-fourth of tbsp of black pepper powder. You can even sprinkle back pepper powder on your salad for enhancing its flavour and salad. 

2- Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry also known as amla is the best home remedy to increase appetite. It detoxifies the liver and regulates the functions of the digestive system to help you achieve your goals. The problem of nausea and vomiting also goes away by taking it with honey. You can mix 2 tbsp of amla juice with honey and consume it daily. Also, you can use the form of Amla pickle. 

3- Garlic

The best way to start eating is either to add garlic to the dishes you prepare every day or have a little garlic juice. Garlic aids in better digestion and its smell can increase the desire to eat. It can also treat many gastrointestinal problems to make you feel better and is one of the best natural remedies to increase appetite. You can add finely diced garlic into your salad or fry garlic and add it to dal, and curries and make them more interesting. 

4- Carom Seeds

Carom seeds or carom seeds are one of the traditionally used home remedies to treat loss of appetite in children. It treats stomach disorders like poor digestion, nausea, abdominal pain etc. to help you regain your appetite. Experts recommend roasting celery seeds to maximise the health benefits and enhance the flavour.

5- Ginger

Ginger is the best natural remedy for loss of appetite. It contains several compounds that help in better digestion and stimulate your appetite at the same time. The refreshing smell of a piece of ginger can cure nausea and refresh your senses.

6- Coriander

If you are looking for natural ways to treat loss of appetite, then coriander is your answer! Coriander is used in ancient medicine as a digestive and appetite stimulant. It has a fresh, herby aroma that can instantly lift your mood and spark interest in food too. A recent study also confirmed the positive effect of coriander on the appetite of rats.

7- South Indian Vegetable Soups

Go to any Indian restaurant and you find Mulligatawny soup on the menu card. It is considered a native Indian vegetable soup and literally means “pepper water”. The soup is loaded with various spices and spices like black pepper, tamarind, garlic, cumin, coriander seeds etc. It gives you a warm and comforting feeling in just one sip. This is easily one of the best home remedies to treat loss of appetite in adults.

8- Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds work in the best way to increase your appetite. They contain several essential oils that work on your digestive system. Fennel prepares your body for the next meal by speeding up digestion and boosting metabolism. The distinctive aroma of these seeds works as a natural remedy to treat nausea and loss of appetite.

Other Home Remedies To Increase Appetite

Below, we’ve listed the other remedies to increase appetite. 

  • Try drinking shakes instead of solid food. Add the goodness of the fruits and vegetables into one delicious drink. 
  • Add nuts, fruits, seeds and yoghurt, which are packed with good calories. 
  • List down your favourite food and try a variety of dishes each day. 
  • Do exercise to burn more calories and switch on the hunger button. You can do it regularly for effective results. 

We hope these home remedies mentioned above for loss of appetite can help you to deal with hunger loss due to temporary problems. For long term problems, you can use these home remedies along with the proper course of medical treatment recommended by the nutritionist. It’s time to work on your appetite before you look like a lifeless person.