Fix Error 522

How to Fix Error 522 Connection Timed Out Code Problem Issue

Many websites use Cloudflare to improve their security framework and overall site performance. It is one of the best DDoS mitigation companies and can also act as a buffer and reverse proxy server. You may also use the same to protect your website’s static content. One of the most common errors that websites on this content delivery network can face is Error Code 522. The code signifies a server error but it can be fixed if you are the owner of the website or have administrative rights to it.

Many people may assume that it is an internet or Cloudflare error. They may call the Spectrum net billing phone number or customer care. However, your internet connection or the web performance service has nothing to do with this. This article will act as a complete guide to why the code 522 error happens and the different methods that you can fix it.

What Is Error Code 522?

Before you move on to the fix, you need to understand what the error code means and why it even happens. Most CDNs like Cloudflare speed up the connection between the origin server of the website and the browser. However, many times that connection doesn’t respond at an ideal speed. So, error 522 shows up as an HTTP status code signifying that the server has timed out.

Ideally, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) handshake between the content delivery network and the web server happens within a split second. This can make the website load quickly and without fail. The error code 522 can also mean that the handshake failed and the user request didn’t move forward. Connection timeouts can be quite common for multiple underlying reasons, but there is nothing that you cannot fix.

Troubleshooting the Error Code 522

You can look into the server timed-out error if you have administrative rights to the web project. However, the first and foremost thing is to check whether the original web server is up and running. If the server is not accepting HTTP requests, then a TCP handshake is out of the question. If the server is up and all the settings are correct, you may have to dig a little deeper.

Here are some of the possible solutions for Error Code 522:

1. Increase Server Capacity

An overloaded server might be one of the biggest reasons for a timeout. If the number of visitors to your website has increased steadily, you need to increase the server capacity as well. It can be impossible to figure out the total traffic on a website at any given moment. However, intermittent load peaks indicate that your server is lagging. A slow or overloaded server will be unable to process the HTTP requests. Keeping an eye on the traffic on your website and increasing server capacity with it can be prudent to avoid the 522 server error.

2. Review DNS Settings

Cloudflare DNS settings are responsible for the TCP handshake and server connections. One such setting is the Address Record or A Record. It is responsible for connecting the domain with the original server of the website. The A Record on Cloudflare or any other CDN you use should be the same as those on the hosting server.

If there is a mismatch, it can cause the server to time out resulting in a 522 error. You can change the IP address on the Cloudflare DNS settings and make sure to match them. Click on the Add Record button and enter the IPv4 address of the host server in the box. Click on Save and this should fix the error.

3. Keep an Eye on IP Filtering

Sometimes your webserver could be blocking the CDN IP addresses. You can check filtering applications and relevant firewall settings to check it out. You should also check for blocked IP addresses as they could be logged in the .htaccess file of the webserver.

If you don’t know which IP address your CDN uses, try searching for it on their official website. They usually have a list of IPs that they use and even if one of them is blocked, you can face the 522 error. Most applications can block IP addresses automatically and without notification. So, you should keep an eye on the list and whitelist all CDN IP addresses.

4. Contact Support

The error could be a traffic routing problem if you have checked all the settings such as IP addresses, DNS, HTTP header, etc. In this case, Cloudflare support can help. You can generate a ticket, describe the problem, and let them know the things that you have already tried. Attach relevant information such as test results, screen grabs, etc., to speed up the process. An expert from their team will soon get in touch and help you out.

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