QuickBooks won’t open

Fix QuickBooks won’t open error – Step by Step solutions

Can’t open the QuickBooks while accessing your company file? Let us help. Users often come across with the QuickBooks won’t open error due to technical errors and human ignorance.

Since this error makes users suffer a lot and causes heavy time delays, we’re confident that reading this article will be helpful for resolving this error.

In this article, you’ll understand the underlying causes behind its emergence as well as the common troubleshooting steps for this error. So, let’s begin.

Which Factors Lead To QuickBooks Won’t Open Error?

Understanding the factors that cause the QuickBooks to not open will aid users in taking precautionary steps to avoid its recurrence.

Hence, we’ve mentioned the factors that lead your system to show QuickBooks won’t open error below:

1: Improper Installation of QuickBooks – QuickBooks installation is vulnerable to malware and viruses. In case the installation files go corrupt, the QB won’t open error will appear.

2: Outdated Windows OS – An outdated Windows put your system security at risk. It can lead to technical issues resulting in QuickBooks not opening error.

3: Extensive File Name – QuickBooks limits the size of your company file name, and in case it’s extensive, the QuickBooks software will not open.

4: Corrupt “QBWUSER.INI” File – QBWUSER.INI file is a QuickBooks file that is crucial in its functioning.

5: Corrupt Hard Disk – QuickBooks has made it compulsory to store its product key on Hard Disk. Thus, an infected hard disk makes QuickBooks unable to open.

How to Identify the QuickBooks Can’t Open Error?

Before we proceed to apply the steps meant for QuickBooks won’t open error, it is crucial that you identify this error by confirming the below symptoms:

  • Upon launching QuickBooks, you get an error code and the system starts lagging.
  • Your system can’t recognize your mouse and keyboard commands.
  • Error message: Can’t Open Your QuickBooks.
  • You can’t access your QuickBooks company File.

Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open Error In 5 Easy Ways

After analyzing the factors and symptoms indicating the QuickBooks not opening error, you can apply the below-mentioned steps to resolve it.

Furthermore, it is advised that users first conduct a system reboot and after that, apply these steps.

Step 1: Stop QBW32.Exe Task

The most effective and commonly used solution for QuickBooks won’t open error is stopping the QBW32.Exe Process. Follow these steps:

  • Initially, you need to hold down “Ctrl”, “Shift” and “Esc” together.
  • Thereafter, opt for “Windows Task-Manager”.
  • Next, click on the “Processes” section and look for “QBW32.exe”.
  • Finally, select “QBW32.exe” and proceed with clicking on “End-Task”.

As you stop the QBW32.Exe process, your QuickBooks will be refreshed. Now, confirm if the error remains. If it does, follow next.

Step 2: Rename QBWUSER.INI File

Since the “QBWUSER.INI” file is vulnerable to corruption, renaming the file will refresh and fix the file. Hence, perform these:

  • To begin with, launch “My-Computer”.
  • Thereafter, navigate to the “C: Drive”.
  • Next, launch the below-listed folders:
  • First, “Application Data”.
  • Second, “Intuit”.
  • Finally, “QuickBooks (year)”.
  • Now, look for the “QBWUSER.INI” file and right-click on it.
  • Finally, click “Rename” then include “NEW” and press “Enter”.

Now your “QBWUSER.INI” file has been renamed, you won’t get the QuickBooks not opening error.

Step 3: Use QuickFix Program

If you get the QuickBooks won’t open error after performing the above solution then your QuickBooks software is to blame. Fortunately, users can repair any program related problems using these steps:

  • To get started, you need to download the latest QuickBooks Tool Hub version.
  • Thereafter, install the Tool Hub appropriately and launch it.
  • Next, on the dashboard, you must reach “Program Problems”.
  • Finally, use “QuickFix My Program”.

Note: After you launch QuickFix My Program, the tool will take more than 15 minutes depending on your system’s performance. Furthermore, ensure to reboot your system after the tool run its course.

Step 4: Relocate Company File

After you use the QuickFix Program Tool, relocating the company file is a must. It will ensure to remove any existing error from the file and allow QuickBooks to open. Follow these steps:

  • First, go to your Company file’s path.
  • Next, right-tap on your QB company file.
  • Then, select “Copy” and visit “C: Drive”.
  • After that, right-click somewhere and choose “New”.
  • Now, opt for “Create-Folder” and name it.
  • Finally, launch the new folder and press “Ctrl” and “V” together.

The moment you relocate your company file, it will get refreshed and you’ll not face the QuickBooks not opening error on your system.

However, in case you still encounter this troublesome error, move to our final and most effective solution. Follow next.

Step 5: Repair QuickBooks Desktop

As we know an improper QuickBooks installation leads to QuickBooks won’t open error and viruses can alter the QuickBooks installation files, repairing your QB will fix this error. Here’s how:

  • At first, you must back up all your important company files.
  • Thereafter, click “Start” and launch the “Control-Panel”.
  • After that, access “Programs-Features”.
  • Then, visit the “Uninstall-Program” section.
  • Next, click “QuickBooks” and move to “Uninstall/Change”.
  • Now, select “Continue” and proceed with “Next”.
  • Finally, choose “Repair” and complete the remaining prompts.

After you complete repairing your QuickBooks desktop, reboot your system and you won’t face the error QuickBooks won’t open.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks fails to open due to improper installation, damaged hard disk, and other outlined issues. Fortunately, you can resolve QuickBooks won’t open error with the given steps.

Furthermore, the outlined factors causing this error will allow users to avoid the recurrence of this error.