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Goechala Trek 

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The Goechala Trek is located at a height of 16207 feet and it is an important trek settled at Sikkim.  It contains a large collection of scenic beauty surrounding the Goechala Trek it becomes one of the most loved and frequented trekking zones for many trekkers. While you trek further by the mountain trails you will come to the still lake; Samiti will provide you with a panoramic view of Pandim peak from there and will also enchant you with the mesmerizing Thangshing on the way. But the Samiti Lake also bursts in its full glory as the sky above and the Pandim peak casts their reflection on the crystal waters of the lake. Goechala trek will also offer its visitors the magnificent sunrise over the horizons above Kanchenjunga Peak that casts a bright, golden hue over the top of the Kanchenjunga ranges; though you will be barred from crossing over the Goechala Pass you can be a part of the naturalistic beauty of the scene from Dzongri and ViewPoint 1. Goechala was not at all a famous trekking spot once but after the Nepalese Civil War from 1996 to 2006, it became a popular trekking-tourist spot that narrates the incidents of the war and offers a blissfulness of nature’s mesmerizing beauty by offering a view of the fourteen great peaks along with the third-highest peak; Kanchenjunga Peak.

Goechala Trek Itinerary:

Day 1 : You will be travelling from Bagdogra Airport towards Yuksom. The Himalayas van observed as you drive from Bagdogra to Yuksom and you will be crossing by the Teesta River and your drive will continue uphill with crossing the bridge in Legship and then you will be reaching Yuksom.

Day 2 : You will start your first step towards the Goechala trek from Yuksom towards Sachen and you will be passing by the Rathong river and on the way, you will have to cross the Paha Khola bridge. 

Day 3 : On this day, you will be trekking from Sachen towards Tsokha. The beauty of the mountain vegetation can be observed here and then you will be mesmerized by the beautiful Prek Chu River and then trek for two to three hours towards Bakhim. After Bakhim, ascend for Tshoka which is a Tibetan base camp. 

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Day 4 : From Tsokha begin your trek at Dzongri via Phedang. It is a much shorter trek after you have crossed the rhododendron forests and other dense forests. And here you will be staying up for the night.

Day 5 : As you reach Dzongri you will be trekking at Dzongri Top and then return at Dzongri and trek towards Thansing via Kokchurang. After having your breakfast at Phedang, you will be trekking another uphill and as you reach Goechala Pass you will cross the Himalayas of 4000 metres. You will be staying up for the night at Thansing and from Thansing you will be offered a view of Koktang, Rathong, Kabru, Simvo, Pandim and the royal Kachendzonga peaks. visit us:- Delta Airlines customer care phone number

Day 6 : Commence your trek early in the morning from Thansing to Lamuney. Trek at the local sites as you take a break from longer treks here. Stay up for the night also lingers here once again.

Day 7 : You will be trekking early as early as possible from Lamuney to Goechala and then trek back to Kokchurang.You have to climb uphill to the moraines and then trek down at Samiti Lake and crossover Zemathang Plateau. You will be visiting the Goechala Pass ViewPoint 1 after an hour’s trek. You will be dazzled by the beautiful Kanchenjunga Peak and the distant peaks as well. You will be trekking back towards Kokchurang to put up for the night.

Day 8 : On this day you will be trekking back from Kokchurang to Tsokha via Phedang, but you will be getting up early at dawn to be a part of the beautiful sunrise over the Kanchenjunga peak from a ridge near your camp and then get ready to trek back at Tshoka. You will be using the route that passes by the Dzongri Plateau and then it leads through Prek Chu and Phedang. The dense coniferous forests will amaze you to the core. As you reach Tshoka you will be staying at Tshoka Base Camp for the night.

Day 9 : You will be trekking back from Tshoka to Yuksom via Bakhim and Sachen.  As you return from Prek Chu river you will reach Yuksom. Once you are at Yuksom you will be putting up for the night at a lodge or a hotel at Yuksom after all Yuksom is also your endpoint for Goechala Trek.

Day 10 : As you come out from the hotel at Yuksom you will be dispersing from here, marking the end of your trekking journey at Goechala trek. 

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