Graphene FX is Asking for Your Help TO Aid the Poor

Though the chart of the affluent becoming wealthier and the poor becoming poorer has always been a constant in this ever-changing world, the COVID Pandemic has exacerbated the situation since it took over the world in a swift in late 2019. The impoverished, on the other hand, are unable to return to their feet on their own. They rely on their fellow citizens, their society, to stand by them and assist them while they’re in struggling to make a way out. As of 2021, the figure is a startling 9.2 percent, according to the World Bank.

In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the affluent members of society to help their fellow community members and get them out of this chaotic pothole of poverty. As the world’s premier Forex broker, Graphene FX believes that humanity should always come first, as this feeling and care for others is what makes us human. Everyone desires the security and comfort of having their own safe haven, their own house in which to live and contribute to the community’s prosperity and progress. However, because of financial constraints, they are unable to satisfy even their most basic demands.

Graphene FX vows to give urgent financial assistance to people who need it the most as the world continues to fight with one of the most terrible pandemics ever to happen. Graphene FX has taken a huge stride forward with an astounding step that is definitely the need of the hour in these challenging times. Donating a percentage of its revenue to the poor will have a minor financial impact on the broker, but it will definitely help those who are in severe need and want to better their lives. We can certainly help the poor overcome their challenges and finally become self-sufficient.

The goal is to give $0.2 for each deal transacted as Graphene seeks to make the current standing of the poor more viable and the future brighter. We are, nevertheless, thrilled by the final result! Between March 2 and April 1, the maximum number of trades completed in a single month totaled $ 5,000, and Graphene has contributed $5000 every month since then, with plans to do so in the future. We donate the cash we raise to some of Asia’s most renowned non-profit organizations that work on the ground to help the poor live a normal life.

Graphene FX’s Trade from Home to Help the Poor program has sparked interest in many other firms, including some of the world’s largest forex brokers, who are now following in Graphene’s footsteps. As Graphene FX continues to flourish and improve day by day, it pledges to not only raise the contribution amount but also to spread its charities to other places, as humanity is Graphene FX’s top priority and something that each of us bears. So, with Graphene FX, get up and be responsible while making big bucks for yourself and, in the process, help the ones who are awaiting a savior!

Graphene FX believes that collective and mutual efforts will always result in success. That is why we are requesting all the community to join hands with the Graphene FX, so we can help the needy and poor people in the time of problems.

On the other hand, the company believes there is always a time to pay back to society and during this Covid thing, this is the right time and by helping poor, this is the right thing. We have already planned the action, donated funds so that we will help the people in society. This is also an indication that Graphene FX is a legit broker in the market, not only helping people directly attached with them but also focusing on community which is indirectly related to the brand. As a whole, we know what a brand means and that’s why, we are here to practice all the positive feature that can help to stable the society. We have contributed all our share, what maximum we can, but we need your aid and support to fix things on a large scale. So are you ready and with us? if so, then get connected with Graphene FX and lets help the needy people. We can certainly help the poor overcome their challenges and finally become self-sufficient.