Healthy breakfast recipes

The break fast implies a break of a fasting. Naturally we Human have three period exported to feeding. These period are in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. In between these square meals a day, it is been taken that there should be periods of not eating

Normally a human is meant to take his or her last meal by evening probably between the hours of 5pm to 7  pm at most, though with different societies people’s deviate and eat even past the normal hours

There seems to be the time when we lie down for rest through the evening, that time and towards evening we have a fast from food, which needs to be broken the next morning. That’s  breakfast

Medically, during the period of fasting, the layers of the stomach are very fresh. So the stomach needs an intake of food substances that have high water content, foods with high fiber content that the stomach can easily digest

There are so many foods that are not needed to breakfast as it can attack the lining of the stomach causing stomach walls shedding called ulcer

Breaking fast is very important to maintain a healthy life and not to experience any stomach ailment in future

I will for the purposes of these articles mention some food recipes that suits the stomach for the morning

Water or Liquid solution

In breakfast we need something that us subtle, a drink or solid substance that is light and will not interfere with the stomach lining as the stomach lining at the Time of the morning will be soft

One is water or a mild water solution

During the night the body has experienced much dehydration. So the body needs more water to replenish the lost water through urine etc. The need to take adequate amount of water. It is advised to take about 2 or more cups of water by morning. The water does a Great job to flush the body off toxins, ions and free radical in the body. Also water acts as a great cleanser of the kidney and the bladder, removing debris of sodium salts on the bladder that could lead to stone in the bladder

Water solutions

The intake of great anti-oxidants mixed with water helps to flush substances that are poisonous to the system. Water solution detoxifiers using lime, lemon, apple etc is the best recipe to break ones fast.

food substances

Lets take a list of the solids food substances that needs to be taken to break a morning fast

1. Pap combined with a food with low protein

Pap is a major food that is advised to be taken in the morning. Pap on it own has a lot of health benefits as it contains carbohydrates, vitamin, A, B5,B3, B, Riboflavin, Folic acid, Pottasuim, Selenium, Chromium and Magnesium

It has a lit of health benefits as it help regulating the Blood pressure of the blood as a result of the potassium content as opposed to sodium which causes increase of blood pressure. It also helps to decrease the effect of bad cholesterol in the body

Taking pap in the morning

Pap can be done in varieties of way, These way’s I  call recipes for pap taking

  1. Pap and beans cake popularly called Akara in Nigeria dialect
  2. Pap mixed with milk taken with a protein food which can be bean cake or moinomoi: locally processed grounded beans

Pap is a very healthy food for the morning as the fibers content contained in the pap aids easy digestion. And keeps the stomach food and healthy

2. Oat meal

The oat meal is a good meal that can be taken in the morning. Oat contain glycan, a component that makes one fuller. A person that takes oat will appear fuller for the rest of the day, oat can be taken foe someone that’ doesn’t need excessive weight

It also contains antioxidant, Omega-3-fatty acid, folate, pottasuim, which nourishes the body. And oats tend to be glycemic that’s it helps to Lower the sugar levels

Oat recipes

Oat can be taken with milk and sugar. It can also b taken with processed beans food substances like bean cake. It highly nutritious


Fruits are a good to be taken to break fast. The fruits contains vitamins and minerals that the body really needs for repairs of the body cells and the tissues

Taking fruits like oranges, banana, watermelon in the morning is really good as it supplies the body with enough water content And gives the required mineral that repairs the body. Warning there are some acidic fruit’s like lime, lemon, that should not be taken unless when diluted in some considerable amount of water used as detox

Fruits juice desert

Processed orange, banana, pineapple etc, can be squeezed and taken in the morning as it is a very good desert to nourish the body during the Morning and to break fast

Breaking the morning fast is very necessary, as at times the body depends on the food to process energy for a person to undertake Day to activities

Also intake of a good food substances good for the stomach keeps the stomach very healthy and makes one free from sicknesses that could affect the stomach lining.

So break the fast well And stay healthy