With the recent rise in businesses switching to the online mode, the construction of websites and mobile applications has seen a significant rise. The question that arises is why are these eCommerce websites and applications so important if the business is functioning well enough through the physical model. The reason for the same is that the traffic, traction and reach one can gain from these platforms and the web is not something that can happen through the interaction one builds after meeting customers and selling to them. Therefore, to increase the scope of your business and eventually become more successful, so many people have switched to the services of the web. 

So, what does one do after they have decided they want to launch their website and even release an app that can work for both Android and iPhone app development. One may say that adequate research can help you answer your most asked questions and even solve queries that you did not have in the first place. It is important to seek the help of professionals that can not only successfully guide you through the process but also help you carry out the vision you have set out to accomplish. 

One thing people can seek to gain from having a website and application is that more people will learn about their venture as opposed to being known through word of mouth. However, with the thousands of similar ventures out there, what are the chances of people landing upon your particular business and not theirs? This is where SEO comes in. With the help of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, you can make sure that the consumer is drawn to your website as opposed to that of others. Therefore, when you are out to get cheap SEO services in India, it is best to keep in mind that SEO is made up of multiple elements and the key to using them successfully is understanding how it actually works. 

  1. The Fallacy of Search Engines:

Search engines are not perfect like they are made out to be, if one does not take the required steps, the website you have worked so hard on, will not be visible. It is important to have a proper link structure for your website so that the search engine can index your website properly. It is possible for codes to make errors to the point that it can block search engines entirely, when this happens it can be nearly impossible for your website to be ranked.

2. Page Authority:

If your page has page authority or PA it will help increase your ranking. Users now understand and take seriously the value of trustworthiness of a website, its quality, relevance and the product it seeks to offer. Therefore, if your website has a higher score which can be determined through online tools, the more page authority your website will have. Additionally, if one has external links from credible sources, it only improves their page authority. 

3. Web traffic:

One of the main goals of SEO is to increase the web traffic for your website which can happen when the visibility and rankings of your website increase. A ‘featured snippet’ is used by many marketers; through this process, content is taken from a landing page of a blog and the same question is answered on your website. This question is ideally the most searched for and this way you organically get a click-through that helps boost the web traffic of your website. 

4. Visibility, Rankings:

Now that we have established you need to increase your visibility and rankings in order to rank your website towards the top. This can happen when the density of keywords matches is similar to the keywords used in the H1 tags. It is important to mention the keywords of your website even in the meta tags so when people search for a similar word, your website can pop up.

Similarly, when deciding on the permalink or the permanent URL for your website, it would be beneficial to work in a keyword that most resonates with your product and website. Lastly, when your website has enough backlinks, it will surely increase the visibility as well as the ranking. If a credible source or website, such as The Washington Post mentions your business and attaches a link to your website within that piece, the backlink for your website increases and also helps make your website more visible. 

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