Kidney Transplant in India

How much Does it Cost to Get a Kidney Transplant in India?

Kidneys are the most important organs in the body. However, most people can function normally with only 15% renal function. On the other hand, when the kidneys no longer expel toxic waste products into the urine, it causes full renal failure. As the steady ratios of waste materials in the bloodstream increase, individuals get ill. Kidney failure has two categories-Acute and Chronic.

Acute, chronic failure occurs when there is a sudden trauma to the kidneys, and they stop working for some time and then recover partially or entirely. On the flip side, Chronic renal failure is a disorder in which the kidneys are irreparably damaged over a lengthy period, frequently many years. It can be due to hypertension, diabetes, inherited abnormalities, or infection. End-stage renal disease or advanced chronic renal failure is a condition when kidneys cannot function completely.

Symptoms of Kidney Transplant

Most people notice that they feel weak, lazy, and get tired very quickly. Their appetite goes down, and their tongue tastes weird. It doesn’t stop there: There are other common signs of renal failures, such as:

  • Itching
  • Less urine or the need to urinate during the night
  • Nausea or vomiting,
  • Pigmentation
  • Easy bruising
  • Unable to have sex.
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest pain.

People who have kidney problems can get treatment like hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. These treatments help remove waste products from their bodies and clean them out of their blood. However, dialysis doesn’t do many other important things, like making red blood cells. It only works if you get a new kidney from someone else.

Types of Kidney Transplant

There are two types of kidney transplants. One is a living donor transplant, and the other is a deceased donor transplant. In a living donor transplant, a donor is a living person. It could be a family member, friend, or someone with matched DNA. On the other hand, a donor is a dead person in the deceased donor transplant. Some kidneys from living donors can last for almost twice as long as kidneys from dead donors. On average, living kidney donor transplants last for about 15 to 20 years, but this varies from person to person. It’s common for a dead kidney donor’s transplant to last for about 10 to 15 years. If you get a new kidney, it may not work for as long as it used to. If you take good care of your kidney, it will last for a long time.

Kidney Transplant in India Cost

A kidney transplant in India costs between INR 6,00,000 and INR 10,00,000. However, it could cost you up to 12,00,000 ($17,000) for a simple ( minimally invasive)surgery. This is the average price of a kidney transplant in India charged by the best hospitals. Also, International patients must bring a valid donor because a cadaveric kidney can only be transplanted in people who live in the same country as the donor.

The cost of a kidney transplant in India starts at 6,00,000 ($8,500). However, because there is so much competition in the healthcare field, many hospitals in India offer advanced treatments at low prices. So, when you compare prices in different cities in India, you will see a huge difference.

Types of Surgery Options 

Open nephrectomy and laparoscopic nephrectomy are two types of surgery for kidney transplantation. The prices for both types of surgery vary differently.

Open surgery

In open surgery, the surgeon removes diseased kidneys and places them with healthy ones. The surgeon makes a large incision in the abdomen. It takes a long time to get back to normal, about one to two months. It costs somewhere around ₹4,00,000 to ₹12,00,000 ($6,000 – $17,000)

laparoscopic surgery

In this process, the transplant team creates small incisions in the abdomen to make laparoscopic surgery possible. Further, the surgeon inserts a laparoscope into the keyhole incisions to find and cut the kidney; then, the doctor looks inside. The kidney is then removed through the same cut that was already there. Certainly, laparoscopic surgery is an expensive procedure. This is because it involves the latest technology that requires more precision. Also, there are fewer stitches, which means there are fewer scars and a short recovery time. The cost of laparoscopic surgery in India is somewhere around ₹12,00,000 to ₹16,00,000 ($17,000 – $23,000)

Wrapping the post

The price of a kidney transplant in India isn’t much higher than in other countries. In India, kidney transplants and other similar procedures cost about one-tenth as much as in the United States. In fact, there is hardly any difference in the level of service and medical care. If you want to get the best kidney transplant cost in India at the top hospitals, Lyfboat is here to help you out. The website offers everything you need to know about different treatment options, surgeons, and the best hospitals.

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