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How to Fix [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] Outlook Error

Even though we now have access to some of the best technologies in the world, they are not always perfect. Malfunctions and errors are some of the most common types of issues that you will face when dealing with technology. For example, let’s talk about the common error that occurs in Outlook.

What is Outlook?

To understand the errors that occur in anything, you must first understand how these technologies function. In simple terms, Outlook is a popular email client that is used all over the world. There are many people who use Outlook as a provider for their personal email address.

Outlook is used as an email client to provide professional email addresses with an adequate functionality. That aids them to efficiently manage the communications within their business.

Whether you use Outlook for personal or professional use, errors will always be a common occurrence. However, most issues in Outlook can be solved pretty easily except for the [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] error – one of the most troublesome errors in Outlook that can be quite costly and cause you to lose a lot of clients and customers.

Why Does the [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] Error Occur?

As a leading platform of communication, most of the work here is related to business and professional emails. When Outlook users come across errors on this platform, a large portion of their work is affected.

Many error codes occur in emails. But this particular error code tends to occur when your Microsoft Outlook starts causing conflicts. With other various different email accounts. For example, if you have another software installed on your digital device. There is a high chance that it will start conflicting with Outlook.

This could mean that your Outlook application has been corrupted. Maybe your technological device has not been updated, or you are not using its latest version.

There are multiple reasons why this error occurs in Outlook, which is why it can be a hassle. Find the culprit behind the error in order to effectively fix the issue. These include:

  • You might be using an Outlook version that is not compatible with your operating system version.
  • Your outlook files might be corrupted.
  • There is a misconfiguration in your Outlook application settings.
  • You might be using a pirated version of Outlook.
  • Possible issues in the installation process
  • There might be an issue within the configuration of the SMTP

All of these problems can be pretty irritating to deal with. Especially if you do not know how to properly resolve them in time.

Fixing the [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] Error

Fortunately, since this error has been creating a lot of problems with important emails of Outlook users, professional IT experts. Come up with various methods and effective tactics that can quickly resolve the issue.

Do not feel intimidated by the complicated error code, as the solution can be quite similar. What you would do to solve other errors in your devices. And no matter how complicated the error looks. There is always a solution for it that ranges from super easy to a little bit easy.

So, if you are having a similar error problem in your Outlook application. Here are a few ways you will be able to resolve this error.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Let’s start off with the most basic problem – checking your internet connection. There are often times that you come across this error in Outlook when your internet is experiencing a slow connection. You can use websites like Speed Test to see, which not only checks up on your internet connection but also provides insight on your internet speed. To use this website, you will need to open it on your browser and click go. Then you will have to wait for a bit till the website assesses your internet connection. Once you have gotten the data about your internet speed and connectivity, you will be able to deduce whether this was the reason why your Outlook was experiencing the error.

Opt for VPN

Even though an internet issue can be a possible problem, it might not only be limited to the internet speed or connection problems. There are often times when the network provider may block some of your services from their networks.

Although this is not a common occurrence, it can still be worth trying to bypass the restrictions set up by network providers. Not a lot of people are aware of this, but you can bypass network providers to remove the [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] error on your Outlook application via VPN services. As a Virtual Private Network, it can help you to change your IP address and obtain access to the geo-restricted content, which refers to the restrictions placed by your network providers. Once you have installed a VPN, try connecting to it and send an email with the Outlook client and check if you are still getting the [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] error or not.

Check for SMTP Configuration

In case the VPN solution does not work out, it is time for you to move on to the next possible solution, which might involve an issue with your SMTP configuration, which can lead to an Outlook error. To ensure that the issue is not derived from this problem, go to your control panel and change the view to a large category. Then select mail from the control panel where a popup screen will appear where you will select the Email accounts. This will allow you to see all of your email accounts, and you will click on any email address. Something to note is that if you see multiple similar email addresses, delete the duplicate ones, as this can also be a reason why you are experiencing the Outlook error.

After clicking on the email address, click on the more settings option. If your SMTP server uses a particular username and password, check up on ‘my server requires authentication and enter username and password for your SMTP server. After that is completed, you will need to go to the ‘advanced’ tab and look for the SMTP and IMAP port numbers, for which you will need to contact the server administrator to find out the numbers. Once you have looked into it and configured your SMTP, see if you are still experiencing the Outlook error or not.

Clearing Cache and the Cookie

[pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] error tend to occur when you do not clear your cache, local data, or cookies of Outlook, which is caused by the unwanted cache from your RAM. As mentioned before, duplicate accounts can be the cause of the error, and unwanted cookies and cache are also acting as duplicate accounts, so it would be best to remove all the unwanted cookies and cache from your computers.

These might be an unfamiliar term to you, so it can probably be daunting for you to know how to get rid of them, but clearing them out can be pretty easy. You can easily find steps on the internet on how to get rid of them for your particular device, so make sure to research on those ways before you attempt the solution on your own.

Reinstalling Microsoft Outlook

If you are still facing the [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] error, the chances are that your Microsoft Outlook is not an official one, or it can be a pirated one, which is why it is giving that error. If you are not sure whether your application is from an official package or not, then you will have to delete the Outlook application that you have and then download the application from the original Microsoft page to reinstall the proper version of Outlook.

You will need to go to the features and programs on your Control Panel and then double click on Office 365. Your Microsoft Outlook will be present in Office 365 or a different Microsoft office that you have installed onto your desktop. After that, you will be instructed to follow a few steps which will lead you to install the application via downloading the latest version of it from the official website of Microsoft Office. Then you will have to create a new account and add it to your Microsoft Office. After these steps have been taken, check to see if you are still witnessing the same error or not.

Opening the Outlook Application on Your Browser

This is technically not a solution, but it works as an excellent alternative way to solve the [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] error. In case you are still experiencing the same error after reinstalling Outlook, then it means that your desktop version is simply not compatible with the Outlook you are using. It is also possible that none of the Outlook versions you have will be compatible with your desktop.

However, if there is not a single version that is suitable for your desktop, you will be able to open it in your browser. All you need to do is go to the official Outlook website and then opening the application on it by entering with your email and password to log in.

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