Scrum Master

How to retake the Scrum Master Certification exam?

Though scrum master certification may permit the aspirant to explore the simple and easy cycle of development it must be remembered that nothing is as easy as it seems. One can opt to acknowledge his or her own potential and work in accordance with the same. Looking at the others it seems easy but when the implementation of the same is kicked the real value is determined. That’s why at times aspirants opt for a retake in the certification course.

The interactive training sessions and complete clarity of the concepts are the basic keys to being successful in retaining the respective certification but at times candidates choose to retake the test when either they fail the test or want to improve their score.

In such cases, the second attempt can be taken only when the aspirant lacks the qualifying 74 percent in the first CSM certification exam. The second attempt normally doesn’t cost anything but the charge is attached to retake after that.

Details about the retest

Normally, the aspirants as per the scrum alliance are provided with dual test attempts. The scrum certification tests comprise 50 questions out of which a minimum of 37 are to be compulsorily answered and the estimated pass score is taken to be 74 percent.

Once the welcoming mail is received after the update of course completion in your profile you have to accept the license terms by clicking on the link provided in the mail itself.

As per the specifications, every aspirant is eligible for two free attempts within three months of receiving welcome mail. Once the two scum certification tests or the term of 90 days is over the candidate needs to pay a reasonable amount to reapply for the same.

It should be noted that in-case aspirants who want to reappear for the test to improve scores aren’t supported by the alliance. Only those who have failed can retake the same since your pass score is only known to you and others can only see the certification, not your performance level in the respective certification exam.

Mere certification in scrum alliance approves your productivity and creative approach in the field of organization, optimization, planning, implementation, etc.

Is attempting a retest worth the value?

To enhance the agile proficiency in the respective practices and to secure the scrum alliance membership for two years a retake of the test in case of failure for the first time is worth the value. Getting an opportunity to have free exams and retakes of the same to make out the best of the profession, and be an efficient and accepted scrum master is what drives you positively to go for the retake of the same.


We live in a dynamically changing world that wants constant learning and successful leadership skills. If you are thinking incase of SAFe Vs Scrum, then both have their inherent advantages but scrum is widely used in today’s work culture. Hence, Scrum master course is a popular method that develops your skill as a leader and improves your effectiveness in bringing out the best in your organization.