Creative Writing

How to Select Quality Writing Instruments For Creative Writing

There are many creative writing instruments available to choose from. How do you know to choose the right one for you? If you are embarking on creative writing, you want to make sure the pen you choose is going to be the right tool to help you put those creative words down on paper. But, with so many different types of pen to choose from, where do you start? Look no further because we have got the ultimate guide to selecting quality writing instruments for your creative writing.

Creative writing is a form of literature that is particularly expressive. It is a form that requires the writer to use their own imagination, creativity and story-telling abilities to convey a particular plot, message, or emotion. Creative writing is not bound by the same rules as other types of writing, therefore it can be a hugely freeing form of writing, designed to express our own individuality and experiences.

This style of writing requires blue sky thinking, personal and emotional interrogation and meaningful reflection, so the right pen will, ideally, not detract from those things, allowing the writer to focus entirely on the creation at hand. So, what’s the best pen to choose for creative writing?

Creative Writing Instruments: Key Questions To Ask Yourself

Is it the right kind of pen for you?

First of all, what kind of writer are you, physically? Do you have a slight wrist or perhaps you tire easily when writing by hand? Or, do you have a sturdier wrist and perhaps you are more accustomed to writing by hand and can therefore do it for longer periods? Do you like a heavier pen such as a stainless steel ballpoint pen, something that feels more robust, that can be part of your everyday carry kit? Or, do you appreciate a lighter pen that allows you to move it swiftly across the page without weighing down your hand?

Does it make you feel good?

Will a fountain pen make you feel somehow special, that you are creating something of true meaning or great importance? The way you feel while you are writing will translate onto the page. Will a pen with a matte finish convey something about your style? Will a bolt action mechanism satisfy your urge to fidget as you think and as you write?

Is the material and craftsmanship of high enough quality?

It goes without saying you want a pen that is going to withstand a few knocks and scrapes, but if the worst happens and you need a replacement part or new ink refills, are they easy to get hold of for your brand of pen? Is the material the pen is made from chosen with an appropriate purpose in mind, and is that right for you? For example, you might want a sturdy, robust pen made with stainless steel but perhaps with a different or interesting finish? Perhaps a carbon fiber stainless steel pen.

Does it make your handwriting look good?

This is ultimately what it’s all about, right? No one wants a pen that makes their handwriting look messy, poor or illegible, no matter how beautiful, unique, sturdy or well-made the pen is. Test out a few pens to make sure you are happy with the way your handwriting looks when you use each one. Second to this is the ease of use. A pen might make your handwriting look beautiful but if it hurts your hand or tires your wrist in a matter of seconds, you’re probably not going to use it. Make sure the pen has a good, easy glide and a firm grip making it more pleasurable for everyday use.

Is it worth the price?

You can purchase pens right across the price spectrum, so even if you are cash-strapped, you will still be able to find a suitable pen for your budget. It just might not be the best pen for you. Finding the right pen will carry benefits that shouldn’t be underestimated. Ideally, you want a pen that is going to last you a long time, that is going to be durable enough to survive typical knocks and wear and tear, that suits your handwriting style and your image and personality, that makes writing by hand a pleasure, and that makes you feel good about what you have written on the page. If you can find a pen that does all those things for you, it is worth the extra investment because you are going to become attached to it and you will treasure it for a long time, perhaps even hand it down to younger generations.

Finding the right pen for you isn’t always easy, but it can be a lot of fun! The key is to narrow down what appeals to you aesthetically, then try out different styles and weights. Once you’ve found a few you like, look at the availability and ease with which you can order replacement parts. Also read the reviews of the retailers, so you can hear from existing customers whether the pen is a worthy investment or not.