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How to unlink my google voice number?

For more than a decade, Google has offered its ‘Google Voice’ service to the public. Millions of people have used this Google service since its launch in 2005. Personal and commercial users can both benefit from this cutting-edge phone calling service. The pricing will vary depending on the package you choose. Following are ways to learn how to unlink my google voice number.

How to unlink my google voice number from my iPhone?

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod can’t hear you if you turn off Classic Voice Control. On an original iPhone or later, head to Settings > Accessibility > Home Button, and then tap then hold the Side Button for a few seconds. Tap Home Button in Settings>Accessibility if you have an iPhone 8 or earlier.

Step 1: Press and hold “Press and hold to speak” and choose from the alternatives listed above.

Step 2: Pressing the Home button will activate Siri’s response.

Step 3: The voice assistant won’t stop talking, so what should I do?

Step 4: Swipe down the Status bar from the top of your home screen.

Step 5: Take a look at the Settings menu by pressing the Settings icon.

Step 6: Select Accessibility from the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 7: On your phone, touch the Voice Assistant button.

Step 8: To activate or deactivate Voice Assistant, the VoiceAssistantswitch configuration course of action can be flipped back ON or OFF.

Step 9: You can now choose whether or not to use the Voice Assistant.

Remove the Google Voice number link:

1: Select “Settings” from the settings menu in the upper left corner of Google Voice apps to unlink linked numbers.

2: On the next screen, click the “Delete option” and then the “X” next to the amounts of contact numbers you seek to remove from my account.

3: That number will no longer receive calls or texts.

4: After using Google’s Voice service, you may no longer require it.

5: If you desire, you may remove your Google Voice number from the system.

6: For your convenience, you’d like to know how you may get rid of the Voice number on Android while still using it.

Google Voice Number Can Be Deleted:

It’s incredibly simple to get rid of your Google Voice number. Before you delete the number, keep a few things in mind. As a result, such topics will be our initial point of discussion. So, this one is the best method to learn how to unlink my google voice number? There we go. The Voice number can only be deleted if the following conditions are met:

1: Your school or workplace will not allow you to deactivate your Google Voice number.

2: Delete a phone number if you’ve already paid for it to be transferred.

3: If you’re utilizing your Google Voice number with Sprint, you cannot remove it.

4: Even if you delete your Voice number, the message you received will remain in your mailbox.

Eliminate the contact number:

It’s worth mentioning that you may only reinstall your Google Voice number three months once it has been erased.

Step 1: Google Voice can be opened on your computer.

Step 2: Register your phone number using the Google Account you already have.

Step 3: Using your mouse, click Settings up top.

Step 4: Go into the left-hand side and click on Home.

Step 4: To remove a Google Voice number, look for it under “Google Voice number” and select it.

Step 5: To remove a specific number, first select Delete, and then select the corresponding checkbox.

Step 6: On the Google Voice app, tap on “Settings,” then “Linked Numbers,” and you’ll be able to remove the phone number you used to verify your account.

Step 7: Next, hit “X” next to the number you want to delete, and tap “Delete” to finalize the process.

Google’s voice typing can be disabled:

In addition, Google Voice address portability is also possible. ‘You can get a cell phone number by doing this. Select Menu Legacy from the upper left corner. Google’s voice-activated phone service.

However, you’re at the proper place for Google Voice. Learn how to unlink my Google Voice phone number with this method. Android users can use Google voice search by disabling the OK button.

Step 1: Open the menu to get to the phone’s “Settings.”

Step 2: you’ll discover the settings for Interpretation and Input “A segment of me.

Step 3: For the final step, select “Google voice typing” from the drop-down menu in the Settings app (cog icon)

Step 4: Tapping Detection.

Step 5: Slide the slider to the left under the “Google app” option.

Discontinue the use of your phone number throughout Google

Step 1: Open the Settings app of your Smartphone or tablet to access your Google Account.

Step 2: You can access your personal information by clicking on the Personal Information tab at the top of this page.

Step 3: The “Phone” button is located in the “Contact Information” area.

Step 4: Next to your phone number, click on the Delete Eliminate number option.

Step 5: On your left, you’ll see a Back button.

Step 6: Tap Security at the top of the screen.

On Android, how to unlink my google voice number?

This one is also the best method to learn how to unlink my google voice number. Following are steps to, unlike my google voice number.

1: Open the Settings menu.

2: It’s best to select “General.”

3: The individual part is included.

4: After finding “Google voice typing,” choose “Settings” and then “Google voice typing.”

5: When the “Ok Google” detection appears, tap it once.

6: Slide the slider to the left under the “From the Google app” option.


So, many situations can benefit from having a Google Voice number. Getting a Google Voice number allows you to separate your personal and professional communications. However, at some point, you may no longer use it. Furthermore, it’s your decision whether or not to uninstall your Google Voice number. However, the process of erasing a Google Voice number is not well-known by many consumers. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlink my google voice number to help you with the issue at hand.