Importance of Noorani Qaida to learn Quran Reading.

Noorani Qaida is a small version of the Holy Quran. It helps you learn all the rules and regulations before starting the Holy Quran.

If we talk about Noorani Qaida, it helps you learn the Holy Quran with perfection. Therefore, all Muslims must learn it before starting the Holy Quran.

If we look closer it is beneficial for all Muslims to read and learn Holy Quran on daily basis. In this article, we will discuss the five benefits of learning the Holy Quran, and they include

What is the Importance of Noorani Qaida?

Holy Quran is written in Arabic, and it is not as easy as it seems. Arabic is a tough language, and it is complicated because there are different rules and regulations for reading different alphabets of the Holy Quran.

Holy Quran is a special book, and Allah has discussed all the solutions in it. If you are having any questions related to life or looking for a better way to come out from difficult situations you can seek help from Holy Quran.

A slight change in pronunciation can change the meaning of the word. And when you change the meaning of a single word, it becomes hard to understand the exact message of Allah written in the Holy Quran.

It enters your life as a form of light and takes you out of the darkness you are dealing with. Holy Quran is the only book that gives peace to your heart and mind, therefore, learning it is like blessing your life with the best light.

So, to avoid blunders, it is essential to first learn the Noorani Qaida. When you practice and learn the Noorani Qaida, there are fewer chances of making mistakes while reading the Holy Quran.


But this is not an easy task as you need a help of a professional for it. You can hire a professional tutor for this purpose, and he will help you practice the Noorani Qaida in the best possible way.


It helps you in all the matters of life and gives the sense of right and wrong. It helps you find opportunities that you can use to enter heaven.

Holy Quran acts as a shield for you on the Day of Judgment if you are connected to it. When you recite Holy Quran daily and learn it to have a better understanding it defends you on the day of resurrection.


When you are questioned for your mistakes and wrongdoings it guards you regardless of anything and becomes a source of your protection.

If you want to understand the meaning of every word, you have to practice and learn Noorani Qaida first. It will give you a better understanding as it is a little version of the Holy Quran.


It is a beginner guide, and you get to learn all the useful rules of reciting the Holy Quran. It is given to a beginner to learn the pronunciation of all the letters.


When you learn the pronunciation of Arabic letters, it becomes easy for you to read the Holy

Quran properly. It also helps you in learning the original extensions, highs, and lows in terms of form and pronunciation.


Helps you understand Tajweed

Noorani Qaida for kids and beginners helps you master the rules of Tajweed. As a beginner or a child, when you learn the Noorani Qaida, it becomes a task for you to understand Tajweed.


It straightens your tongue and gives you theoretical knowledge of the rules and regulations. Tajweed is not an easy thing, and without learning it, you cannot master the art of reciting the Holy Quran with perfection.


For a better understanding and practice of Tajweed, it is essential to learn Noorani Qaida first.

It makes your base, and then it becomes easy for you to have a grip on the Holy Quran.


The best source of learning for Non-Arabic’s

Arabic is a muddled language, and when Non-Arabic pursue it for learning the Holy Quran, it becomes a hell of a task for them.


So, a Noorani Qaida becomes a blessing in disguise for them as it provides an easy way to learn Arabic with all the rules. It helps them pursue Holy Quran without any hesitation and with all the preparation required.