Bifold doors

Important Features and Benefits of Bifold Doors

Bi-fold sliding doors also offer an attractive, sturdy, and unique alternative to traditional style doors. This door consists of panels that stack up neatly together in concertina style. Hence, bi-fold doors offer greater flexibility and convenience and enable homeowners to make the most of the space available to them. 

Key Features of Bi-Fold Sliding Doors

Complete Security

Since doors offer an easy entrance to your home, it is essential to consider the security factor while selecting doors and windows. As a homeowner, you must partner with a reputed doors and windows manufacturer, utilising the correct material and components for bi-fold doors. This step is crucial because bi-fold doors have an intricate mechanism, i.e., generic providers cannot replicate the same quality in the products. 

For instance, TOSTEM INDIA’s bi-fold doors come equipped with a crescent locking system that is much better than conventional locks. Moreover, bi-folding doors come fitted with a multi-point locking system which makes it possible to secure the doors at different points across the frame and the track. Not to mention, this locking system does not disrupt the view. It ensures that bi-fold doors do not lose the aesthetic values of offering an isometric design and minimal frames. 

Air and Water Tightness 

If you are residing in India, dust, air, and water ingress is always an issue. Doors and windows are the prime areas from where your house is exposed to these elements. As a result, air and water tightness is one aspect homeowners cannot overlook while selecting bifold doors and windows. It is equally important to consider how a doors manufacturer you have chosen counters these challenges. 

For instance, TOSTEM INDIA provides doors and windows to achieve this with the help of several advanced components. 

  • Water Tightness: TOSTEM ensures water-tightness with EPDM gaskets at interlocks which assures that water does not invade the rooms. The double drainage system ensures that all the water accumulated on the glass panels gets diverted out. There are also silicone sealants and nano gaskets that further facilitate water tightness efforts. 
  • Air Tightness: Airtightness minimises the air and dust coming into the rooms. Rubber gaskets and nanotech gaskets facilitate airtightness. The presence of rubber gaskets also ensures it reduces the chances of finger pinching. 

Since these doors and windows get tested as per Japanese Industrial Standards and undergo multiple tests in the factory, these tests and standards can enable bifold doors to bear the wind load of up to 2000 Pa. 

Damage Resistant

Bi-folding doors can easily cover your entire wall. Since the frame plays a crucial role in supporting huge glass panels, picking the ones with good quality from reputed manufacturers is vital. Not only this will increase the longevity of the doors, but it will also ensure that the glass panes do not lose their lustre and shine over time. 

For instance, TOSTEM INDIA’s doors and windows come with a patented TEXGAURD coating. This coating gets on an anodised surface, which ensures that the colour and lustre remains intact for 40 years. 

More importantly, it enables the doors to become dust resistant, i.e., you will not have to invest in maintaining the doors and windows. Also, TEXGUARD coating makes the doors resistant to corrosion, warping, damage from water splashes, temperature, and UV light.   

There is one more advantage of the TEXGUARD coating and aluminium bi-fold doors in general: energy efficiency. These doors and windows do not destabilise the temperature indoors from heat or temperature change.  

Diversity of Configurations: 

Reputed bi-folding doors manufacturers offer the flexibility in customising these doors successfully. For instance, TEXGUARD coating provides ample benefits in preserving the lustre of the doors and does not sustain damage from UV light. 

As a result, users can customise the colours of the doors as per the requirements. These include autumn brown, ivory white, natural white, natural black, etc. This kind of flexibility is only possible with aluminium doors. 


Bifold doors from reputed manufacturers are highly cost-effective. But, it is crucial to look at it from the perspective of cost-effectiveness. You can find cheaper UPVC bifold doors for a lower price, but these doors are made of plastic, i.e., these do not look good and last long. 

In contrast, aluminium is known to be an extremely sturdy and long-lasting metal. As mentioned above, these doors undergo various coating mechanisms and checks. These doors will last for a long time without investing any resources in maintaining the doors. 

Moreover, reputed manufacturers, such as TOSTEM INDIA, utilise a pre-engineered design where 90% of the work gets done in the factory. The parts get delivered to you in a box, which also makes transportation a breeze. Finally, intervention from third parties and workers is also minimal, which positively reduces the cost of the doors. 

Final Note

Bi-fold doors are a great way to maintain your proximity to nature. These doors provide you with an unhindered view of the outdoors and allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature in all kinds of weather. The bi-fold doors also enable a seamless transition between the inside of your home and the outdoors to help you stay closer to nature. 

Bi-fold doors are efficient and convenient. The doors make it easier for you to control the extent of ventilation and air circulation inside your home. The doors are also relatively easy to operate, thanks to their multiple panels. 

Bi-fold sliding doors are an excellent choice for making your home nature-friendly and aesthetically appealing. We hope that the above-discussed features and benefits help you understand why investing in the bi-folding sliding doors for your home is the right choice.

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