What is IYF TV? Is It Safe to Use?

Asian motion pictures and dramatizations, particularly those from China, Korea, and Japan, are acquiring prevalence all over the planet. A great many individuals like them due to their novel and extraordinary sentiments and contacting stories. In Europe and America, there are not very many sources where you can watch Chinese, Korean, and Japanese motion pictures and shows. Among the couple of sites that Asian film sites, less of them have sufficient amount and quality.

Most Asian film sites on the web seldom have the most recent shows and motion pictures, which is a bummer in the event that you resemble another Chinese dramatization. In this article, we will examine IYF television, a site with countless films, shows, and narratives from Asian nations.

What is IYF television?

IYF television is an Asian video real time site with an immense number of motion pictures, dramatizations, narratives, theatrical presentations, and different recordings. Despite the fact that it is another site, it is no lower than others concerning quality and amount of its substance. The site has 10,000+ motion pictures, 10,000+ television dramatizations, 1800+ theatrical presentations, 3000+ kid’s shows, and 1300+ Narratives. This site is among the top with regards to the amount of content among Asian film sites. Continue to learn about IFVOD television.

The IYF television has two modes, free and premium; both enjoy benefits and inconveniences.

1. Free mode


In free mode, you can observe every one of the films and dramatizations on IYF television liberated from cost. It is the default method of the site. To utilize this mode, you don’t need to enroll a record and give individual or monetary data.


Yet, the free mode is add-upheld, so you need to manage irritating promotions that spring up infrequently. One more hindrance of free mode is video quality. In free mode, you can’t download a single thing from the site and can watch motion pictures and shows in 480P or lower quality.

2. Premium mode


The Exceptional method of IYF television is liberated from irritating advertisements. It permits you to watch your number one film in ultrahigh quality, as 2k and 4k. You can download any film or series you need in 4k to watch disconnected. Premium mode permits you to demand motion pictures, dramatizations, and theatrical presentations not right now accessible on the site. In this way, in the event that you have a show or film you like yet it’s not accessible on IYFTV, you can demand it in premium mode, and the site will get it for you.


To get to the exceptional mode, you need to pay a membership charge as per your picked bundle. You need to enlist a record and give your monetary data. IYF television gives the accompanying premium bundles

  1. Gold celebrity: 30-day bundle for 15 euros.
  2. Gold celebrity: 180-day bundle for 69 euros.
  3. Outrageous celebrity: One-year bundle for 119 euros.

How to track down films, dramatizations and narratives on IYF television?

IYF television is a site with a staggeringly nitty gritty route framework. Its video library has motion pictures, television dramatizations, theatrical presentations, kid’s shows, actual instruction recordings, narrative recordings, game recordings, news, regular daily existence recordings, music recordings, Style recordings, and Innovation recordings.

The above are all primary classifications, each with types or subcategories. Every primary class has various types; it gives you an incredible strategy to quickly find precisely exact thing you need. Following is the rundown of classes that every primary classification has.

  1. Film: It has Satire, love, activity, wrongdoing, sci-fi, dream, experience, catastrophe, dread, thrill ride, plot, war, singing and moving, exemplary, tension, liveliness, homosexuality, and a web-based film as classifications and subcategories.
  2. Television Shows: This primary classification has Symbol, love, Sentiment, old ensemble, history, dream, spy war, experience, city, sci-fi, military, Satire, combative techniques, waterways, and lakes, wrongdoing, youth, family war, anticipation, go through, castle, legend, Exchange war, hoodlum, activity, thrill ride, plot gay, dream, and productions as sorts.
  3. Theatrical presentation: This primary classification has unscripted TV drama, drafts, Organization blend, television shows, interesting, sports, feelings, interviews, shows, gatherings, and others as subcategories.
  4. Animation: It has blood, battling, airplane fighting, young lady, sports, sci-fi, enchantment, diverting thinking, experience, love, grounds, fix, moment noodles, go through, extraordinary, danmei, dramatic rendition, and different classifications.
  5. Actual training: This principal class has Olympics, extensive, b-ball, and football subcategories.
  6. Narrative: It has culture, investigation, military, unscramble, Innovation, history, figure, nature, and others as subcategories.
  7. Game: This primary classification is tied in with gaming recordings, and it has Gaming, web based games, independent, host, and portable games as subcategories.
  8. News: This class is about news recordings; it incorporates global news, China News, Chinese data, money, and military as subcategories.
  9. Life: This class includes recordings about day to day existence; its subcategories are interesting, day to day, food, creatures, brilliant blossoms, travel, information, star groupings, marriage, and getting the ocean.
  10. Music: This class addresses all music recordings on www IYF television. Its subcategories are music data, MV, independent, dance, tune, and on location.
  11. Design: This class addresses all recordings about style on IYFTV. Its subcategories incorporate cosmetics, wellness, show, photograph, and outfit.
  12. Innovation: This fundamental class addresses innovation recordings; its subcategories are advanced, vehicle, PC, mobile phone, and arms. Observe likewise additional films from M4ufree.

Beside fundamental and subcategories, IYF television gives different strategies for route. They are as per the following.

  1. Locale (beginning): District addresses where a film, television series, or Narrative was made. Each film or show on this site has its starting point connected to it. To watch films, dramatizations, or narratives from a particular district or nation, select that locale and get every one of the recordings from that point. IYF television has content from the accompanying locales.
  2. central area (China)
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Taiwan
  5. Japan
  6. South Korea
  7. Europe and America
  8. U.K
  9. Thailand
  10. Other
  11. Language: Language is a basic viewpoint with regards to motion pictures and dramatizations. On the off chance that you can’t comprehend the film’s language, it is dull to you, regardless of how great it very well might be. IYF television permits you to explore in view of language. You should simply choose the language you comprehend, and you will just get motion pictures and dramatizations in that language. This site has the accompanying language classes:
  12. Mandarin
  13. Cantonese
  14. English
  15. Korean
  16. Japanese
  17. Spanish
  18. French
  19. Italian
  20. Thai Language
  21. other
  22. Year: It classifies all films, dramatizations, and narratives in view of their delivery date. It is especially significant when you are keen on motion pictures or dramatizations delivered in a specific year or time span. IYF television has the accompanying time classifications:
  23. This year
  24. Last year
  25. prior

iii. the 90s

  1. the 80s
  2. Quality: It addresses video quality. All films, shows, and recordings don’t have a similar quality; some have better caliber, while others have lower quality. You can utilize this element if you have any desire to watch motion pictures just with a particular video quality. IYF television has the accompanying video quality:
  3. 4K
  4. 2K

iii. 1080P

  1. 720P
  2. Status: It addresses the ongoing status of a television series or show. There are just two choices for status addressing finished and progressing shows, separately:
  3. Complete Works
  4. Stacking

How to watch films online on IYF television?

Watching films on IYF television is extremely simple, without exciting bends in the road you would see on other comparable locales. You can watch films on IYFTV by following the accompanying advances.

  1. Go to ” www.Ify.tv.”
  2. Find the film, Television program, or Narrative you need to watch, which you can do effectively through the site’s proficient and point by point route framework.
  3. Whenever you have focused in on your objective film, click it, and the film will begin a different page. Peruse additionally about HDhub4u.

How to download motion pictures from IYF television?

Downloading films and show episodes on IYF television is essentially as simple as streaming them on the web.

Premium Mode

  1. Find the film you need to download and click.
  2. It will begin playing on a different page. Beneath the video player, you will find a download button close by approval, disapproval, offer, and rate buttons. Click it, and your download will begin. Observe additional motion pictures from M4uHD.

Free Mode

The free method of IYF television doesn’t permit you to download motion pictures, dramatizations or anything. If you actually have any desire to download your #1 film in free mode, you should do as such through some downloading programming. We suggest the web download administrator.

  1. Download and introduce the web download administrator on your PC.
  2. Permit Web download supervisor augmentation in settings.
  3. Presently go to iyf.tv, find the film you need to download and click it.
  4. The film will begin playing on a different page. IDM will give you a download choice drifting on top of the video; click it.
  5. From that point forward, you need to set the download objective and snap ‘start download’, and your film will begin downloading. Peruse likewise about Bolly4u films.

IYF television: Is it legitimate?

IYF television gives Asian motion pictures to free, which is undeniably challenging for a legitimate site. While a few lawful sites give free films, yet they don’t have a lot of regarding amount. To give a film to free is just conceivable in the event that you have purchased the privileges from the first proprietor or you are the first proprietor.

That is the reason giving motion pictures both free and legitimately is just conceivable in little amounts. It is basically impossible that you can legitimately give 20,000+ motion pictures, shows, and narratives free of charge. The main way IYF television can give such a monstrous amount of films and dramatizations free of charge is by unlawfully replicating them without the first proprietor’s assent. Along these lines, it is an unlawful and pilfered site. Know additionally about Apne television.

Is it safe?

IYF television is an unlawful and pilfered site, such sites are famous for being hazardous in different ways. Understanding are a few risks we figure you ought to consider.

  1. Promotions: Free method of this site is promotion upheld, importance there are many irritating advertisements you need to manage. Promotions on pilfered sites are something other than irritating; they can be perilous. IYFTV’s are given by unsatisfactory and dubious promotion networks on the grounds that unmistakable and safe advertisement networks like Google AdSense don’t help out unlawful sites. Promotions from dubious advertisement networks are famous for spreading infections and diverting clients to trick sites.
  2. Monetary data: To enact the top notch mod of IYF television, you need to enroll a record and give your Visa data. Iyf.tv is an extremely youthful site with its space enlisted a little more than a half year prior. Despite the fact that there are no bad audits or trick reports about it, complete trust is as yet troublesome. Giving your monetary data to somebody on a site you can’t confide in is risky.
  3. Legitimate issues: As examined previously, IYF television is a pilfered site and is restricted in numerous nations. In spite of the fact that being rebuffed for utilizing a pilfered site is extremely uncommon, it actually happens once in a while. On the off chance that your nation has severe regulations against robbery, you can cause problems. You can get intensely fined or even go to prison if unfortunate. Peruse more about GoMovies.

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How to remain protected while utilizing IYF television?

In spite of the fact that IYF television is risky, it hasn’t arrived where it is absolutely impossible to securely utilize it. However long you take a couple of standard insurances, it is protected to utilize more often than not. Following the security safeguards, you ought to remember.

  1. Uilize a promotion blocker to hinder the advertisements. A promotion blocker can eliminate the greater part of the advertisements on the sites. The overwhelming majority don’t contact the excess advertisements if conceivable. In the event that you are diverted to an irrelevant site, leave at the earliest opportunity. Promotions are protected the same length as you don’t contact them.
  2. Try not to utilize the exceptional mode, if conceivable, as you can observe every one of the motion pictures online even in free mode. Yet, in the event that you have decided to utilize premium mode, you ought to pay through an extra card that just has the base measure of cash expected to buy into your chose bundle.
  3. Utilize a VPN to remain unknown, so regardless of whether IYF television is unlawful in your country, nobody will actually want to find you utilizing it. Peruse likewise around 1Movieshd.


In the event that you honestly love Chinese shows and films, IYF television is a decent decision. We suggest possibly utilizing free mode on the off chance that you would be able, as you don’t need to give your monetary data to the site. While utilizing this site or any of its companions, follow security precautionary measures to remain safe.