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LaMelo Ball Shoes Next Puma Signature Shoe Debuts This Month

Puma gave NBA rookie of the year LaMelo Ball a chance to create his signature shoe (or is it the other way around?). The Puma LaMelo Ball MB.01 Sneakers are stunning basketball shoes. It is the first pair of basketball shoes I am aware of from Puma.

After suffering an ankle injury this week, LaMelo Ball will likely miss the beginning of the 2022-23 NBA season. On the bright side, however, he will have a brand-new signature shoe waiting for him when he returns.

First Puma Signature Shoe By LaMelo Ball – Beginning Its Ascent

LaMelo Ball has another personal achievement to announce following a stellar debut NBA season that saw him win the NBA Rookie of the Year Award and receive accolades across the League. His first PUMA signature shoe. The MB.01, the first PUMA signature basketball shoe for NBA superstar LaMelo Ball, has been officially unveiled by the global sports company PUMA.

Puma Hoops

Since relaunching its basketball category in 2018, the MB.01 is PUMA Hoops’ first signature shoe release. The MB.01 is the latest addition to the iconic PUMA basketball signature shoes named after basketball greats Ralph Sampson and Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

The First Hoops Signature Shoe

Adam Petrick, Global Director of Brand and Marketing at PUMA, stated, “They are proud to introduce the MB.01 as their first PUMA Hoops signature shoe, just three years after reentering the basketball category.” PUMA Hoops is genuinely exemplified by LaMelo and the MB.01, which combine sport and culture while propelling the brand forward with bold, bright, and novel designs. It is only the beginning of many exciting PUMA projects.

Supernova Puma Mb.02 – Upcoming Signature Shoe

Supernova, Puma MB.02 is the next signature hoops shoe with a renowned brand that will soon hit the stores. The model has a mid-cut upper like its predecessor, and Ball’s signature wing details on the sides elevate the look. The responsive Nitro foam cushioning is used once more for the midsole, and the feather tread pattern on the outsole provides durability and court traction.

Design Of LaMelo Ball Next Signature Shoe

LaMelo collaborated on the design of MB.02, which incorporates his style in bold color choices and intricate, unique details like an artistic outline of flames shooting down from the ankle collar in line with Melo’s well-known rocket ankle tattoo. LaMelo’s “Not from Here” creative is featured on the shoe’s tongue, and the outsole features the word “rare,” which refers to his ability to play the hardwood.

Printing Technology On LaMelo Ball Next Signature Shoe

The MB.02’s other technology features include breathable mono mesh for a supportive and ultra-lightweight feel, full-coverage non-slip rubber compound for improved durability and traction, and PUMA’s Nitro Foam throughout the midsole for superior responsiveness and comfort. The shoe’s sleek design is completed by the disruptive upper construction that was printed in 3D.

Supernova, The Puma LaMelo Ball Mb.02

The skilled point guard will be first observed sporting the Supernova Puma LaMelo Ball MB.02 shoes during the upcoming League. However, Puma has only recently officially introduced this pair of hoop shoes. Most shoes are dominated by a bold maroon-red color, with a few stark black accents.

The “1 Of 1” Shoe By LaMelo

In addition to his playing styles, LaMelo’s flamboyant personality is reflected in the color choice. You will notice the beautiful details, like the flame outlines wrapped around his much-adorned ankle rocket tattoo from the collars. Isn’t that a way to say something? In this instance, his feet and shoes become an extension of his body.

Puma Hoops Shoes For Basketball Are Incredibly Uncommon

The “1-of-1” notations were plastered on the tongues of LaMelo Ball Mb.02, and the outline of the Puma stripe could be seen on the shoe’s forefoot. The word “Rare” is found inside the red-tinted outsoles, and “Not From Here,” which is LaMelo’s motto, can be found on the shoes’ throat.

The striking red color is perfect for the Chinese New Year, which is coming soon. The footwear, as a whole, will look fantastic. People especially like the fiery red accents, which are a bright color and will undoubtedly sell out during Chinese New Year, don’t they? In December 2021, the Puma LaMelo Ball MB.01 Sneakers went on sale, and LaMelo Ball MB.02 hoop shoes will now be available in stores for $130.

Story Of LaMelo Ball MB.02

The most recent addition to LaMelo Ball’s otherworldly PUMA Hoops collection, the MB.02, is exploding onto the market. A NITRO foam-infused midsole that resembles Melo’s signature wings is the foundation for this new silhouette. The theme has epic proportions on the upper, engineered woven mesh, making a broad style statement. These court-ready kicks have tonal metallic accents that give them a little sparkle. The instantly recognizable “1 of 1” branding reminds you that nothing else even comes close.

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LaMelo Ball Thoughts On Working With Puma

Ball stated, “I am extremely proud of working with Puma to design the second version of my signature shoe.” With flames, RARE and 1-of-1 graphics, and bold colors, we elevated the designs for the MB.02 to reflect my style. With the release of MB.02, fans can experience the MB franchise in a novel way.

Customers can purchase this “Supernova” Puma MB.02 for $130 at and select Puma retailers in the upcoming month.