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Launch A Ride-Hailing App with A Ready-Made Taxi App Solution

People have started to shift towards preferring taxi apps instead of owning private vehicles and choosing public transport for daily commute. However, the net value of the global ride-hailing & taxi sector would hit over $376,790 million by 2025, according to Statista. This predominantly shows that there is a good scope for taxi businesses, paving the way for entrepreneurs to start a taxi business. Those who are aspiring to establish a taxi business can make use of a ready-made taxi app solution.

What Is A Ready-Made Taxi App Solution?

A ready-made taxi app solution is a pre-built one, encompassing basic features of taxi booking apps and crafted using the current technology stack. Its package contains a Passenger app and Driver app for both Android & iOS alongside a comprehensive admin panel.

Opting for a taxi booking app solution would have several benefits over the traditional way of developing the app from scratch. Here’s a list of primary advantages of the ready-made taxi app solution.

  • End-To-End Customizable
  • High Scalability
  • White-Label Finished Product
  • Pocket-Friendly Solution
  • Readily Available to Launch
  • Reach Out to Global Audience

Below Are the Steps to Consider for A Taxi App Development

  • Find Your Niche

Start by analyzing the current market and its future scope, and so you will be able to ensure whether your business idea is successful or not. Doing so, you need to determine who your target audience is and what their preferences & demands are. At the same time, competitor analysis is requisite in order to frame a successful business idea. Also, decide on the services you want to cater to your target audience. It may include any of the following.

  • Carpooling
  • Car rental
  • Bike-sharing
  • Ride-sharing, etc.
  • Select Your Business Model

Two different business models include dedicated taxi apps and aggregator taxi apps. The choice has to be made depending on the resources availability.

A dedicated taxi app is suitable for those who have a well-established traditional taxi business and those who have a fleet of cars on their own. In this, users book a taxi service and the car owners manage the business process, enabling the taxis to be available for the users.

An aggregator taxi app is an ideal choice for the one who wants to launch an app like Uber and Ola. It will be a platform in which various taxi owners can register and meet the passengers’ demands. This model gives a good opportunity for entrepreneurs as well as drivers. The users on the other hand can avail of a ride service with a few taps. Through this app, users can know the “fare estimation” beforehand and track the drivers’ location in real-time upon acceptance of ride requests.

  • Know Possible Ways to Generate Revenue

Generating revenue is the ultimate goal of starting a new business. When it comes to a taxi business, there are two major sources of revenue. One is from the commission and the other is from advertising. The commission charges have to be incurred from the taxi owners who registered with the app for providing services. The advertising charges would be levied for third-party promotions on your platform.

  • A Set of Features to Be Included

The taxi-booking app’s functionality will be determined by the set of features included. Basic features would make the app to facilitate the users to book a ride service and take up a ride from their doorsteps. Here’s a list of basic features in the taxi booking app.

  • Create & manage profiles
  • Estimated waiting time
  • Fare calculation
  • Push notifications
  • Schedule bookings
  • Booking history

Regardless of the basic features, advanced ones can be included upon analyzing the current market trends.

  • Approach A Right Tech Partner

The most crucial part is determining the right technology partner for taxi app development. No matter how good your app idea is, implementing it in the way you expected is more important. Thus, make a wise choice and interact with app developers to turn your app idea into reality.

  • Plan Your Budget

It is not advisable to leap into the taxi industry without knowing how much is needed for developing a taxi app. For this, you have to contact the app development company and get a quote. This is because one cannot simply say the cost without knowing the requirements as it varies depending on the individual, relying on the following factors.

  • App size & complexity
  • Features set integration
  • Third-party integration
  • UI/UX design
  • Technology stack
  • Region of the app development company

As a quick saying, choosing a ready-made taxi app solution would be less expensive when compared to crafting the taxi app from scratch.

A List of Existing Top Players in The Taxi Industry:

As of now, you have known key steps to be followed for taxi app development. You need to be aware of the existing taxi booking apps, which are prominent ones in the taxi industry. Contemplate analyzing these and know their strategies, including strengths & weaknesses. This way, you can come up with unique selling points and stand distinctive from the competition. The following are the best taxi apps.

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Grab
  • Curb
  • Gett
  • Ola

Recreating the existing & successful business model will make your taxi business to be a prominent one with your offerings.

Concluding Words

If you are very much sure to leap into the ride-hailing & taxi sector, utilizing a ready-made taxi app solution would be a considerable choice. This will empower you to start a taxi business sooner by launching a ride-hailing app.