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Some of the Main iPad Pro Issues and How to Fix Them

Are you satisfied with your Apple products like your iPhone or iPad? After all, there is a lot of satisfaction with having an Apple device. The numbers support that. Apple devices have the highest satisfaction rate in the PC and tablet industry, gaining a high satisfaction rate of 83%, with Amazon lagging behind a bit. However, you cannot remove some problematic iPads here and there. Is your iPad having a problem? Are you looking for iPad Repair services? Don’t worry! We are here to help you with any iPad problems you are experiencing. Here are the seven most common iPad problems and how to fix them.

Common iPad Problems and How to Fix Them

1. Apps like Chrome Always crash

Applications are often complex. Sometimes, you get unlucky, and a bad update is installed on your iPad. You may have something like Chrome that always crashes. What are you doing? Close the app completely! The iPad stores what we call a repository for faster applications.

  • If you have a new iPad or iPhone without the Home Button, swipe up from the button and pause in the center of the screen.
  • If you have a previous iPad with a home button, double-click the home button. If you have iOS 12 devices, select the apps and swipe up to close the app.
  • If you have a previous iOS, here’s how you do it. In the window, press the icon of the crash application with your finger and hold. Wait for it to move and show the lock button (X) at the top left. Press the X button, and it will go away. What you are doing is forcing it to stop the app and remove it from memory.
  • If deleting it from memory does not work, the next step is to uninstall the app by holding the app icon and pressing the x button while the app is shaking. You can then download a new copy from the App Store instead of suffering when Chrome continues to crash.

2. iPad WiFi Not Connected

The new iPad Pro 2018 and iPad 5 tend to work just as well as butter. However, some devices may have problems connecting to their WiFi network. Do you have a problem?

First, try checking your settings if your tablet can have a WiFi connection. If that doesn’t work, try resetting your router if possible. Is the issue still going on? Then the next thing you can do is restart the iPad.

  • This can help reset the hardware to get a better signal.
  • Still in trouble? See if the problem is in a specific network or with any WiFi connection. For network-related issues, go to Settings> WiFi, press the network you want to forget and then press “Forget Network” and try to reconnect to the same network using the appropriate credentials. Is your iPad not working on any wireless connection?
  • Then what you want is to reset the device.
  • Tap the volume button, volume down button and hold the up button.
  • Hold the top button until the device displays iTunes with a picture of a lightning connector on the screen. Connect it to your iTunes.

3. iPad Screen Always Cold

  • If your iPad Pro 2018 or your iPad 5 screens freeze, there are potential problems associated with this. There may be a software conflict or memory impairment that causes your iPad to boot.
  • The first solution to this is to turn off the iPad and unlock it again. You can do that by pressing and holding the power button.
  • Swipe slide to turn off. It sounds clich√©, but it works.
  • The process of shutting down and restarting the hardware to its original state before crashing, erases memory.
  • Does it continue to persist? Force reboot iPad. Press the volume up key once, press and release the volume down key and, shortly thereafter, press and hold the Power Button until the device restarts.
  • Make sure it’s not an Apple device hardware problem. You may need to refer it to a specialist if it is hardware.

4. Apple Device Stands On Launcher Log

IPad Pro 2018 or iPad 5 grip on Apple’s first logo is a completely different problem. The problem may stem from various problems such as startup software. Your goal is to reset the ipad software to factory settings. Note, however, that this will erase your iPad data. Make sure you try to open and close it a few times before moving this route.

  • To reset, press the volume up, volume down and the up / down power buttons respectively.
  • Hold the power button until you see the connection to the iTunes image.
  • Connect it to your PC or iTunes Mac with a power cable and follow the instructions in iTunes.

These are the common issues that can be found on iPads. Do you know of any other issues? Let us know the in the comments section.

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