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Most Effective Tips to Fix a Broken Laptop Screen

You already know that phones, tablets, laptops, or computers are prone to damage. Any sudden accident or incident can easily make an electronic device unusable and stop the user from working on an important task.

Do you know pixels blown out or small cracks can be fixed and recovered? Yes, you have read right! Sometimes you need a laptop repair expert, and sometimes it can be solved by yourself only. Well, in this blog, we will cover the ways to fix the broken screen of your laptop. Want to know how? Well, for that, you need to read on the blog.

Tips To Consider For Fixing A Broken Laptop Screen

1. Close and reopen the laptop

Imagine your laptop’s screen and keyboard area has a lot of debris. So, you should thoroughly clean both areas. When your system indicates a visible latch, then clean the latch mechanism. Now close the laptop very carefully, make sure it is completely closed, and open it back up. 

Moreover, when your laptop screen turns on, and sometimes it doesn’t, you might have a bad lid sensor. 

2. Restart your system

When your screen doesn’t work, it could be an issue with the operating system. Moreover, some other problems will be cleared by just restarting the system. As you know, a system restart is very easy, so you must try this initially before heading towards a PC repair shop or services. We hope the restart formula will work for your laptop. 

3. External monitor plugin

When you see an entirely black screen, start plugging the external monitor. It might be on after you plug in the monitor, but if it doesn’t, your system will not be on. Moreover, it could be in hibernation or sleep mode. Now plug it in, then ensure it’s on.

4. Video driver update

When your laptop screen is not fully black, however, there are visual defects on it, choose to update your video drivers. There are chances that you may have a glitchy or malfunctioning driver.

5. Unsticking of stuck pixels

When dealing with stuck pixels, use an app to unstick them. These applications typically cycle in between colors rapidly. Moreover, the app creates digital snow to force a stuck or a dead pixel to make it work again.

6. Fixing burn-in

When the situation is like the old images hang on your laptop screen, then try a white screen saver. Go to a laptop repair shop or service center if you find it difficult. Also, the potential fixes can help you remove the burn-in from the laptop screen.

7. View your backlight connections and screen

Are you experienced in disassembling laptops? If so, it will be easier to remove hinge covers, the bezel over your laptop screen, or more case components that help to expose the laptop screen and backlight or connectors and wires. But if you don’t have an idea of disassembling, then contact a laptop or a PC repair centre or shop. The experts will ensure all the cables aren’t broken or crimped and components are entirely seated.

8. Replacing laptop screen

It is the last option when nothing else is working. Your laptop screen is probably demanding a replacement, and it can be done in a laptop repair centre or by a professional. If screens have black holes, large colored or black bars, or other colors, you need to repair them. However, when the screen is cracked, it’s a clue to replace it.


Knowing your laptop screen’s faults, damages, and cracks is important. Many types of damages occur to the laptop screen. If it could be repaired, you can do it by yourself. But if the screen can’t be repaired, then this is high time to call laptop repair in Singapore or your nearby locality. The experts can easily fix the screen or other bugs.

You can’t find an original laptop screen at a low price. Sometimes, it charges you 50% of the cost of your laptop. So, make sure you choose the right PC repair solution. Also, check their authenticity and customer reviews before giving your laptop.

Do you have any queries regarding laptop screen repairing? If so, write your questions below in the comment box. Thank you for reading!