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Myths about an Online Bong Shop in Vancouver

Online bong shops or headshops, whatever you call them, are not the choice of every smoker. Smokers who don’t count on such shops have doubts and also misconceptions about them. Nevertheless, some smokers confidently buy their desired bongs from an online bong shop in Vancouver. Thus, some smokers trust online smoke shops, whereas some smokers avoid them. Smokers who don’t trust online smoke shops to invest in bongs have misconceptions about them. Therefore, we shall discuss those myths with you to aid you in knowing if the myths are true or not.  

Myths about Online Bong Shops

Here are those myths:

Online Bong Shops Are Costly:

Smokers have a common misconception that investing in bongs online is expensive. However, smokers are not true about online headshops concerning the prices of their bongs, dab rigs, etc. Online bong or headshops stock a wide range of smoking products and accessories for smokers. They keep a large number of items in their inventory because they are strategic partners with American & foreign manufacturers. You may find the newest smoking products in online smoke shops, for the same reason. Therefore, online bong shops charge affordable prices to smokers for their products because of their strong network and numerous products.

Online Bong Shops Are Unlawful:

Another myth that some smokers have about online bong shops is concerning their legitimacy. You can lawfully buy smoking paraphernalia or cannabis online in Vancouver as long you are 19 years old or more. Thus, you cannot consider online smoke shop business illegal if you are of legal age to buy cannabis or bongs. However, restrictions to shop for cannabis or smoking devices online vary from province to province in Canada. Thus, an online bong shop in Vancouver to purchase bongs, vaporizers, etc., is not illegal. 

Online Bong Shops Take Weeks to Ship an Order:

Another myth that some smokers have about online bong shops is that their shipment takes weeks. Nonetheless, this is not true about reputable online headshops. Any reputable online bong shop will ship their customer orders fast and won’t take weeks to dispatch orders. Some orders may take 3 to 5 days for customers, depending on customers’ destinations. Moreover, reputable online bong shops pack products for their customers carefully to avoid damage while shipping them. 

Local Headshops Are Better Than Online Head Shops:

Another myth smokers have about online headshops is that they count them as websites online. Thus, they prioritize local headshops over online headshops. Nevertheless, online bong shops are superior to local headshops, considering the information available on their websites. You can find loads of information about products, featured products, and relevant articles in online headshops. Thus, choosing and buying smoking equipment is more convenient for buyers from online headshops. However, it doesn’t mean local headshops don’t explain their products to customers.  

Online Bong Shops Deal in Knock-Offs:

Some smokers think that online headshops deal in knock-offs. They are also somewhat true because some online bong shops deal in cheap products with name-brand labels. Nevertheless, not all online headshops sell knock-offs like inferior bong shops. Reputable headshops sell good quality smoking products and accessories alongside the popular brand bongs, such as Cheech and Chong. You can identify reputable bong shops via positive customer reviews online and your stoner friends’ referrals. 

Returning Items to an Online Bong Shop is a Nightmare:

Some smokers have a misconception that you cannot return items to bong shops you buy from them online. It is a myth as long as the items come as damaged through shipment. Moreover, you can find the shipping and return policy on online headshops to return a damaged product to them. Thus, you can return damaged products to reputable online bong shops but not after utilizing the products.


Not all smokers trust online bong shops to choose and buy bongs or other smoking devices. Those smokers have some misconceptions about an online bong shop in Vancouver. Therefore, they hesitate to buy bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, etc., from them online. Here are those myths:

  1. Online Bong Shops Are Costly
  2. Online Bong Shops Are Unlawful
  3. Online Bong Shops Take Weeks to Ship an Order
  4. Local Headshops Are Better Than Online Head Shops
  5. Online Bong Shops Deal in Knock-Offs
  6. Returning Items to an Online Bong Shop is a Nightmare

However, these myths are not true at all, especially about reputable online headshops.

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