Negative and positive impacts of technology on education

As technology become prominent in education, it can permeate the components of education such as learning style and student responsibility. The success of education will be determined by how education stakeholders utilize technology. This will define the impact as positive or negative.

Technological support is relevant in both learning and teaching. It involves use of digital learning devices such as laptops, tablets, computers, and phones to accomplish the learning process. With technology, teachers can reach the learners easily. Additionally, students can easily handle their homework by accessing online assignment help sites.

In this article, you will find positive and negative impacts of technology on education. They include;

Positive impacts of technology

Motivates the learners

Technology devices are easy to use for teachers and students. Use of technology motivates students to learn with technological devices. It also motivates them to go to school. Students are motivated to take charge of learning due to the urge to discover.

personal learning pace

Integrating technology in learning helps students learn at their pace. It enhances equality since every student has a chance to absorb and retain the content. Additionally, use of technology in class helps teachers to give attention to leaners who may need instant help.

Broad source of information

Use of technology in education has introduced a rich source of information. You can access educational apps, search engines, educative videos, and interactive activities such as games. You can as well access e-books to use for your studies.

With technology at hand, students can easily handle assignments by use of technological devices. Student can also seek assignment help from websites that offer homework help services online.

More practical than theoretical

Traditional learning methods have transformed making learning more imaginative and active. Technology demands basic skills and knowledge which enables students to solve tasks in a logical manner.

Cost effective

Though the initial cost of buying technological devices is high, the maintenance cost is lower since you do not have to buy new tools every time. In traditional learning methods, everything was read from books hence learners would buy new books for each grade.

Time saving

Technology has made studies and research work easier. In the past, every aspect of learning required consultation from books and other paper work. It made work tedious and time consuming. With access to new technology, studies have been made easier and quick.

Nowadays, you only have to search from the internet and information will pop out. You can get a wide range of information you need for research work from research help websites and save time for reading etc.

Negative impacts of technology

Research shows that, although technology has positively impacted the education sector, it has some limitations. The following are some negative effects of technology in education;

High initial cost

Computer, tablets, smart phones and other devices used to access modern technology in education are relatively expensive. People who live below the poverty line cannot afford such devices for their children. The maintenance cost for these devices such as updating software is also high.

Reduces interaction

When teachers are using modern technology to teach their students, the interactive part of education is eliminated. Students seek knowledge and information from their devices and rarely consult each other. These has adversely affected their social relationships in the society.

Wrong information

The information in search engines is published by people who have done their personal research. Most of this information is low quality due to shallow research. Information on the internet may also be of low standards or written from individual point of view. Learners may access such information which may be inaccurate.


Students use devices that contain media access platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram among others that can cause distractions. You are tempted to visit the sites when a notification pops due to fear of missing out fun videos and audios.

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Creates good opportunity to cheat in tests

With new technology, information is just a click away. Students can cheat in tests easily when they have their devices during exams. This has contributed to laziness among students since they can access information to complete their homework easily without perusing books.

To sum up

As discussed in this article, technology has both negative and positive impacts on education. However, the weight of the negative and the positive impacts depends on individual level of discipline and skills. Learner has the freedom to choose what to do with the device at hand whether for academic benefits or for entertainment.

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