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New Focus Sustainable Fabric Supplier: Emerging Strategies Textiles Upcycling

From the beginning, our business has been rooted in a raw passion for the art of development and design inwoven apparel textiles – delivering fashionable, fine weaves to retail brands in natural fibers.  The end-consumer and brand aesthetic has always at the forefront of our quick response development process as we keep in mind the joy and transformation felt in the personal shopping experience.  Given the shift in environmental and social pressures we now face together, our responsibility as textiles engineers is to radically innovate and develop the field of upcycledmaterial development and production so retailers and consumers alike are presented with beautiful, yet truly sustainable materials, processes, and packaging with fashion sustainability for fabric.

In 2020, we pledged to transform our woven fabric production so buyers are now presented with seasonal new recycled materials collections from our library of sustainable fabric choices.   By 2022, we will be exclusively developing collections which are based on a paradigm of circular material closed loop recycling with a goal to include sustainable elements throughout our product range.   At the forefront of technology and aligned with industry leaders in partnership, we have built a specialized supply chain system which will lead progress and development in the recycled materials space.   We feel this is truly where New Focus Textiles has always been heading.

With an evolution to our entire development process towards Circular Loop Fabric Upcycling, we now enter a design by first considering the lifecycle of the materials and what options exist for the material post-consumer usage.  For example, is it a biodegradable and natural material?  Or, can it be broken down in the pre or post-consumer stage?   When we manufacture a material, we will encourage it to be born into a closed-loop process in which the pre consumer manufacturing waste and post-consumer abandonment waste will be recycled into fine, new yarns.  We consider the upcycling concept in the initial engineering and development stage towards recycled fabric.

With a circular vision in place, our network has never been stronger as we have joined partnership with renowned recycled materials yarn spinners and high-volume recycled cotton fabric weavers for large bulk recycled material production into fashionable fine cotton and blended fabrics.  As we challenge ourselves and consider evolving past practices, we can achieve growth together in the sourcing and development space with pre-consumer material re-use from the factory floors and soon, post-consumer product recycling for closed loop recycling.

We are transforming the way we view material development and the sourcing process and encourage the apparel industry to heed the science and positive indicators of circular loop processing for fabrics and fashion.  The incoming wave of change has brought us to a pivotable point of transparency about the resources we are using and this information will likely influence how we operate our business models.  While we fully agree textiles and apparel must remain on-trend and fashionable, retail brandsmay open new pathways for the cycle of materials processing and consumers gain a clearer understanding of material recycling with transparency and involvement.  Sustainable choices are attractive and vital to our way of living and as a GRS Certified Fabric Supplier, our fabric collections are prepared for the changing world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be leaders in the change towards circular fashion and partner with brands and corporations that share a vision for climate positive fashion materials and textile upcycling.  Throughout the changes in the coming years as fashion continues to evolve with current events and social needs, we are committed to offering sustainable fashion options made from a circular process and developed with end-of-product life in mind for a better relationship between the environment and the demands of the textile and clothing industry.  New Focus Textiles hopes the materials we develop will enter a circular loop and brands will begin to see the potential from the manufacturing wastage and fashion disposal waste as opportunities to recycle fabrics back into raw materials.  We want to create true value and utilize our material development specialties for the greater good towards the material revolution.  Investing in long-term sustainable solutions will create opportunities and growth for New Focus in our dynamically changing world as we share with the fashion world all of the possibilities that exist for beautiful fabrics – upcycled.