Online Maths Classes

How to Better Engage Students in Online Math Classes?

Online Maths classes quickly become a popular option to supplement or replace traditional maths classes. Online education is widely used by students and teachers. However, the amount of engagement from students is not as high as it could be. This blog will help you learn ways in which students can be better engaged in online maths classes.

In general, children have difficulty understanding maths, whether GCSE Mathematics or Key Stage 1, 2, and 3. Exams like the 11 Plus are challenging to pass. The 11 Plus Maths paper presents stiff competition, and it is a challenging one to master. The globalized world we live in is becoming ever more competitive as many exams include Maths as a compulsory subject; whether it’s the SATS exams or the GCSE exams, the desire to pass these exams is becoming more evident. To improve a child’s Maths skills in certain areas or to catch up with their peers, online maths tutors and Maths Tuition High Wycombe are becoming more popular. It is necessary to provide students with supplementary Maths tuition after school to close the gaps in their learning. The Maths tutoring services in High Wycombe have excellent standards and are remarkably successful.

Why Do Students Struggle In Online Maths Classes

Online maths classes struggles are not simply a result of short attention spans. There are numerous reasons students dislike Maths as a subject, ranging from learning difficulties to a lack of basic concepts.

Lack Of Basic Concepts

There are many topics and components in maths. Since there is so much to cover in a short time, schools tend to speed through the Maths curriculum. Intense curriculums may make it impossible for some children to keep up. The vocabulary and terms of mathematics include Indices, Algebra, perpendiculars, transformations, etc. The situation could cause children to become lost within the system if they do not understand these terms or do not keep up with the work. It is not always easy to keep up with online maths classes.

Teaching Method

Teachers need easy-to-understand teaching methods to make online maths classes more appealing. However, it is not easy to comprehend and apply the techniques, steps, and formulas taught more often than not. If students find a method difficult to grasp, they are unlikely to remember it after taking online maths classes. The teacher must modify their teaching style to meet the needs of the entire course.

Practice Lacks

Generally, students do not study or practise maths enough at home. Mathematics turns many students off because it is a dull subject full of numbers and little worded knowledge. Students who do not practice outside of class will eventually fall behind in mathematics. When students attempt to develop a solution on their own, they struggle. Therefore, teachers need to revisit complex maths topics and help students practice them by occasionally taking tests.


It is possible that what you might perceive as ‘not paying attention in class may be signs of ADHD. It might be challenging for students with attention disorders to follow the teacher’s instructions as they tend to drift off during class lessons. They miss out on key steps in solving problems, which leads to later difficulties in maths. When there are so many children in a class who have different ability levels, the teacher has a difficult time teaching. It is hard for children to understand and cope with the distractions in the class.

6 Tips to Improve Engagement In Online Maths Classes

Although digital domains simplify teaching, they also have some disadvantages. Online maths classes are challenging because specific topics and concepts are difficult to explain. Thus, online maths classes present a massive challenge in maintaining student engagement. Because of this, students get bored and pull out of online maths classes. However, you can use a few simple strategies to increase engagement in your online maths classes.

Sessions That Break The Ice

Create an engaging, lively, and fun environment for your online maths classes. During online sessions, play fun games such as:

  1. You can create a trivia questionnaire and have students respond to the questions in maths class.
  2. In the online class, assign students to groups and ask them to learn about each other and share similar experiences.
  3. Have students create an introduction video that is short and fun. By doing this, they will feel more personally connected.

I would be delighted if you attended these sessions as well. They will appreciate your commitment to building a community and learn about your personality.

Create Optimised Content

Tutors of online maths classes must develop course content that attracts students at home, at school, or in between classes. Instead of writing lengthy lessons, online maths tutors should create short lessons that teach the information at hand and don’t bore students. These short, information-dense lessons effectively capture students’ attention while on the go! Rather than rushing through the entire maths lesson, focus on one concept and explain it in depth. Students will be more engaged if more open discussions take place.

Teaching With A Practical Approach 

Maths concepts are challenging to learn because they are complex. It will not be possible to use the same teaching methods in traditional classrooms in online maths classes. You will have to explain concepts with the help of digital tools. The sessions will be more interactive and engaging if there is a link between concepts and real-life applications. Students can learn about concepts through videos, PowerPoint presentations, websites, and chat boards.

Educate The Students

In online maths classes, your interaction with students will determine how much they engage with the class. Become their mentor rather than just teaching them concepts. Establish a learning plan with each student. To clear their doubts and questions, schedule one-on-one meetings with them. Identify the students’ performance gaps by tracking their performance. Continually evaluate their performance in the class to adjust their learning plan.

Encourage Self-Learning

Share information about additional reading materials with your students while explaining math concepts. Educate your students about other information sources and encourage them to share what they find with the class. In the digital domain, students can access various STEM websites and books. Getting enough time to complete independent research is possible by sharing the course content before the online maths classes. They will also be prepared for college if they learn on their own.

Collaboration Between Students

It is boring to have a standard curriculum in a classroom. Students should collaborate on mini-projects to break the monotony. In groups, students learn time management and leadership skills. As a result, your class culture will be more cohesive. Students will be more engaged in online maths classes if they participate in this method.


It can be challenging to keep your students engaged in online maths classes. The best way to engage students is to make sure that your classroom runs efficiently so that everyone can focus on their work. By the end of this blog post, I hope you will have some new ideas to better engage your students in online maths classes.