Oracle EBS

Oracle EBS testing platform – offering the best-automated testing solutions

Oracle EBS testing serves as a crucial process that helps you with hassle-free implementation, maintenance, and migration to Oracle Cloud-based Interface. The EBS platform is completely capable of carrying out automated testing procedures and therefore helps in reducing the risk and hassle of business organizations. The platform can make use of pre-built testing scripts, analyse the various bugs and fixes in the Oracle Cloud Interface, and therefore enable the hassle-free working of various business applications.

The Oracle EBS testing platform can help business organizations in the following ways.

1. Carrying out automated functional and regression testing procedures:

The automated EBS tests serve as the most reliable and easiest way of carrying out functional and regression testing procedures. The requirement for manual testing is reduced to a great extent, and the overall process is streamlined. All the necessary data imports and actions can be easily identified and implemented to carry out the necessary testing procedures automatically.

2. Reducing the test script creation efforts:

The tools are also proficient in making use of pre-build testing scripts, which reduces the hassle of dedicated developers and testers. The requirement for creating customized test scripts is eradicated. Moreover, these can be used and reused again and again without any requirement for the creation of new test scripts for different testing procedures.

3. Improving the overall quality of applications:

The Oracle EVS platform can even help in improving the overall quality of dedicated applications. The platform is completely capable of carrying out functional, regression, and other testing procedures. Moreover, load testing services can also be delivered by the platform that can help in improving the overall quality of Oracle applications. The testing suite can make available end-to-end testing services and therefore offer the maximum flexibility for making business applications more powerful.

4. Helps in shifting focus from developing test scripts to actual testing of applications:

The automated testing procedures can enable the creation of testing scripts. Moreover, any gaps within the same can be easily identified and resolved with complete efficiency. Companies can focus on actually testing an application without requiring any manual intervention for the creation of testing inputs and scripts.

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5. Managing continuous changes:

The platform is completely capable of managing the changes and upgrades to the Oracle Cloud and its diverse applications. Frequent upgrades, necessary fixes, and other possible changes can all be managed with complete efficiency through a single platform.

The Oracle EBS can make use of the available pre-built testing scripts. These can automatically identify the scope of testing and therefore make use of its reusable components for carrying out testing procedures. Businesses can easily cope with necessary changes and therefore make use of their available resources for managing business operations.

Out of all the solutions, the Opkey serves as the most reliable solution that organizations can opt for. The platform can offer intelligent testing solutions and helps in automating the process of functional and regression testing analysis. Business ROI improves, hassle and cost are reduced, and the overall process of Oracle Cloud testing is accelerated through the use of an artificial intelligence-based tool delivered by Opkey.