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Patient Identity– Optimise Efficiency In Healthcare

In this digital era, every industry is facing constant modification. Likewise, the healthcare sector is adopting digital means to facilitate and identify patients. These include the online reports, prescription, and consultancy attainment. But the question remains how to ensure that the patients buying age-restricted medicine satisfy the legal requirement? Or the patients requesting access to online reports exist in the real and are not faking an identity. Hence, the healthcare industry is the most prone to patient identity theft and medical data breaches. 

The healthcare industry holds information regarding patients’ identities, treatment types, and insurance details. This is the prime reason why criminals are the most attracted to this industry. However, to restrict illegitimate access and possession, the healthcare sector is in dire need to place security checks. For making this a reality, Know Your Patient (KYP) is a reliable solution. So much so, through this, the healthcare providers can deliver accurate treatments to patients without having to manually verify identities and treatment types. 

How Does the Encrypted Patient Identity Verification Work?

The digital verification process is seamless and user-friendly. While registering on a platform, traveling abroad, opening a bank account, various other purposes, customers are required to provide identity documents. Similar to this, Know Your Patient (KYP) also asks for case histories alongside genuine and identity documents not older than three months. Healthcare providers can ensure in this way that they are facilitating legit patients. Furthermore, to prevent inconveniences and ensure patients’ experience, the healthcare industry needs to employ secure and robust services. These will allow patients to opt for digital onboarding while keeping the information safe. The steps mentioned further on have aided in driving the paper method to an end. 

  • In this step, patients are asked to upload or show their identity documents. These include govt-issued identity cards, passports, or driver’s licenses. 
  • Moving on, patients are asked to upload a real-time selfie which will authenticate the liveness. This step is crucial for facial verification. The system here scans and maps the face while extracting data in form of mathematical algorithms.  
  • In this step, the AI-based services authenticate the documents by scanning and validating photos and identity information. It detects signs of forgeries. 
  • The system then executes ID verification for pharmacies and other healthcare affiliates. 
  • The system then fetches and presents results in front of end-users and stores them in the database. 

What Benefits Does Digital Patient Identity Verification Possess?

The information that the healthcare industry holds is far greater and vulnerable. If in any case it is compromised, patients will be exposed to health concerning risks and this will lead to a never-ending menace. To make sure patients undergo a positive experience and attain the right facilities, patient identity verification is vital. Mentioned below are the benefits that these services provide to the healthcare industry, these are explained below,

Prevents Medical Identity Theft

During the pandemic, the world faced a massive hype and shift in processes. To escape the negative consequences, healthcare providers are inculcating digital services. However, the criminals are equally becoming equipped. They exploit the legit patients’ treatment rights. Furthermore, misuse of insurance benefits also adds to the category of risks. Criminals also forge or use fake documents to apply for medical benefits and facilities. To reduce these risks and chances of fraudulent attainment, healthcare affiliates need to use id verification for the pharmaceutical industry alongside age and identity. The verification is also mandated by regulatory authorities hence there is no way that this industry can leave Know Your Patient (KYP) unattended.

Ensures Compliance with Regulations

For authentic treatment allocation and verification, authorities like the US have put forth strict regulations. As per these, patient age verification as well as their know your patient checks is a must for every affiliate. Some of the regulations include the Health Insurance Portability bitcoin vanity address and Accountability Act of 1996 and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009. If the industry fails to comply with these standards, the results can be dramatic ranging from hefty penalties to a complete shutdown.

Reduces Chances of Mistyped Information 

Another concern that digital solutions address is the chances of mistyped information. This is so because human error is a reality and despite improved concentration, there remain such chances. On the contrary, in the case of digital verification, the information once entered and documents uploaded stay in the database. Patients can auto-fill the forms and choose pre-existing documents. Hence, Know Your Patient (KYP) solutions rescue the scenarios and prevent risks. 

In Summation

Verify Patients Identity has become increasingly important as well as dramatically important for pharmacies, service providers, and other affiliates to combat risks and ensure compliance. The objective is to facilitate people in a way they deserve so KYP is the ultimate solution to this concern and combat it.
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