Kedarkantha Trek

Places to Visit Near Kedarkantha Trek


Kedarkantha is not just a trek but a container filled with rejoicing. There are infinite wonders to explore but only a few could be explained in words. Starting from the gorgeous peak, staircase villages, and dense coniferous forests, Kedarkantha has supremacy in its alluring factors. The haul to the peak itself is overwhelmed with scenic landscapes. Alongside the 6 days of trial and its beauty, there are more to the Kedarkantha trek. The Uttarkashi district that shelters this trek is a major source of travel opportunities.

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While speaking of Kedarkantha you just cannot skip Sankri as it makes the gigantic and adventurous trek accessible to you from a favorable distance. As a patron of the trek, it holds immense opportunities to discover in itself. The villages and the people living in Sankri are beyond hospitable and welcome you wholeheartedly. There are enough resources in Sankri to help you prepare for the next 2 days of the remote expedition where no shops are available. The zipline ride at Sankri is crafted with absolute exhilaration and visitors do not want to miss out on it.

Someshwar Temple

Located in Osla village and carries enough significance to attract devotees. The temple shrine is built with wood and sculpted with accounts of the past. The village is placed over the mountain slope and heights up to 2590 meters. You will notice vibrant apple trees around the temple in Osla and it becomes difficult to resist the temptation to taste one. This is a traditional village that has fortunately obtained the presence of the Someshwar Temple. During any religious festival, the temple is decorated and thronged by the dwellers for worship.

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Nearby Treks

Kedarkantha trek begins from Sankri and there are more treks that accelerate from Sankri. To name some could be Ruinsara Tal Trek, Saru Tal Trek, Bali Pass Trek, Rupin Pass Trek, and Har-ki-Dun trek. These are some prominent treks that come complimentary to Kedarkantha and you can venture out for these if you desire to explore larger.


22 km away from Sankri you find another haven to shelter your travel bug. The unexplored culture at Mori will delight you with a warm welcome. The delicacies are as amazing as the landscape. River rafting is an old and renowned activity there that demands you to experience your heart out. The trail to the forest is extremely replenishing along with the trek. It is an inexplicable realization of the presence of a vast array of flora and fauna. The locals are profoundly helpful and you will find yourself surrounded by the detoxifying environment for the days you spent there away from the bustling city.

Juda ka Talab

This is one of the high-altitude lakes that is renowned for its spiritual history and mystic appearance. In the midst of terrific alpines, you find yourself near a crystallized lake that mirrors you so well that you cannot avert your eyes from it. The lake is found along the trail to the Kedarkantha peak and you do not have to travel separately to places away from the trek route. The Talab is also famous for its campsite as you get to stay there on the first day of hiking to the summit. The location is popular amongst trekkers for its sustainable capacity. 

Taluka Village

Another peaceful and mediating village with genial qualities is Taluka village that is found on the way to Har ki Dun trek. It takes 12 km from Sankri to reach there. You can trek to Taluka village and follow the cascading river and the majestic mountains from afar. The hiking also endows you with a view of a broad range of flora and fauna that resorts in the village. The hamleted settlement consists of wooden houses. It is also a famous spot for camping for those who attempt the Har-ki-Dun trek. The night at this campsite is bestowed with the glittering sky above that narrates tales of unknown travelers.

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Descent from Hargaon

After a stunning view of the peak and treading along the ridge of Kedarkantha, you come down to Hargaon on the same day of the summit. From here it takes 2 days to align back at Sankri. Another night amidst dense coniferous diameters and under the galactic sky marked at Hargaon.