Poor study habits

Poor study habits every student should avoid

Research shows that poor study habits are detrimental to your study experience. To keep up with the academic pace and enjoy studying in school, the library, or at home, students should avoid lousy study habits. According to a recent study, about 74% of poor performance is a result of poor study habits.

You can spend a lot of time studying, doing homework, and essay writing but still get poor results. This is a result of poor study strategies. Here are study habits that students should avoid;

Poor time monitoring

Time is an asset that requires to be monitored closely during studies. If you do not monitor your study time well, you will overdo some subjects. This imbalance will lead to underperformance in some subjects.

Being disorganized

A disorganized study area makes studying hard for students. They should deploy everything in place with the necessary things required at a particular time. Write down a schedule with time, date, and materials needed to avoid a last-minute rush. It is important to set reminders by marking on calendar, alarm, or diary to remind you of future events.


If you want to work under minimal pressure, avoid procrastinating or pushing things to the last minute. Work done at the last minute tends to be shoddy and results in less than stellar output.

To avoid procrastination, break down work such as projects and research assignments into chunks. Allocate time for each segment and set deadlines way before the time limit for the assignment.

Not asking for help

You might not understand everything when studying on your own. It is, therefore, wise to ask a question on anything you did not understand. Seek help for coursework writing from parents, teachers, or colleagues. Avoid leaving any work pending while you can consult or search on the internet.

Accessing social media during studies

Social media is a distraction to students when they access it during their studies. Therefore, they should avoid checking their Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram, and snap chat while studying.

Avoid the temptation to do this by turning off notifications. If you are purely using books to study, keep off your phone, tablet, and laptop.

Skipping classes

Avoiding classes is an indiscipline issue that results in poor performance. It leads to a wastage of time while copying notes and asking others what they learn. You may miss a lot of information when you access information from colleagues.

It is difficult for you to understand when you read independently than when the teacher teaches you. In the case of online classes, you can record and listen to them later. However, you deny yourself a chance to ask questions to the tutor.


Multitasking results in lower productivity compared to focusing on a specific task to the end. It hinders your ability to recall things quickly. It causes disorganization and confusion while working

 Underestimating distractions

Your immediate surrounding influences your ability to study. It is important to keep off distractions such as music, television, phone, and computer while studying. Find a quiet room to be able to concentrate and enhance the quality of learning.


If you do not manage your time effectively within the semester and study adequately, you will be a victim of cramming. Pulling up the whole night trying to cover the course content is dangerous. It denies you sleep, which affects your health and your performance.

To avoid cramming, manage your time well and study in bits along the semester. Keep up with your assignments to avoid last-minute stresses.

Failing to make an outline

Drawing an outline shows that you know the direction of your studies. If you fail to outline, you miss crucial points and fail to grasp enough information. It is crucial to have an outline to guide your studies and what you look forward to achieving by the end of study time.

Ignoring mistakes

Wise students note the mistake, learn, and avoid them. If you are not keen enough to note your mistakes, you will keep repeating the same. This will result in poor performance when you make the same mistakes in your exams.

Copying assignment

Copying assignment is an indiscipline that is punishable by management. Lazy students copy assignments from colleagues or direct from other written materials. Plagiarizing work shows a lack of concern for your wellbeing and a lack of determination.

In conclusion

Poor study habits can hinder a student’s academic achievements. No matter how hard you work, some common mistakes could be thwarting your performance. By avoiding poor study habits discussed in this article, you can quickly improve your performance and stand better chances of achieving your dreams.