Promoting Your Brand on Twitter

The use of social networks has long gone beyond their original purpose. Now they not only communicate and look for old acquaintances, but also sell goods, share reviews and advertise their brand. One of the most popular social networks is Twitter.

Despite the fact that posts are only 140 characters long, this site can be effectively used to promote your brand, as many successful companies do. Today we will talk about how to promote your account without the need to often buy Twitter followers.

Account name

Pay special attention to the account name. It should contain the name of the brand, and exactly in the form in which it is written on your website, blog, on a sign in front of the office, etc. Use in the title the keywords for which you are promoting your services in search engines.

Why do you need promotion

Twitter is actively used by people of all ages, social statuses and fame. From ordinary schoolchildren to popular politicians. Moreover, having your own account on this platform is prestigious among many social groups.

When you start a policy of promoting your services on this social network, all its users who are your potential customers will be able to find out about you. This way you can increase your brand awareness.

You can retain your regular clientele in various ways and increase loyalty to your brand. By posting links to your official website, you can bring an additional number of users to it from this platform.

Also, the feedback system works well in this network. Using hashtags, you will be able to find out what users are saying and what they say about you. Twitter is a source of unlimited useful contacts and ideas.

Promotion here is now popular. The more readers of your account, the faster the latest news published in it will spread.

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Promotion through other people’s accounts

To convey to users the necessary information about yourself will help the use of advertising in other blogs. Many users will agree to place your post in their account, in which you can specify everything you need: information about current promotions, a link to your official website, just an advertising call to use your services, etc.

However, the choice of advertising accounts must be approached wisely. First, you need to consider the number of subscribers. But focus not only on the number, but also on the category of the majority of users.

If you’re offering a service that top executives are interested in, then posting your promotional tweet to an account with mostly teenage followers is pointless.

The topic of the published tweets will also matter. For example, you are promoting computer services. A user account that publishes posts on computer topics can be a good advertising platform for you, since all of its followers are interested in this topic (if they subscribed to it). This means that they may be interested in your services as well.

Secondly, it is important to consider the number of promotional and non-promotional tweets per page. To purely advertising accounts, on which there are more such posts than informational ones, users most often do not show interest. Placing ads on someone else’s account will cost you some money. The more promoted and popular the account, the greater this amount will be.

Account promotion

A personal account also needs to be developed. Write interesting tweets in it (from three to seven per day, more will already look like spam), use hashtags. Tweets should be both purely informational and educational within your area of ​​specialization, and contain links to pages of the official website or blog.

But do not post only links, but dilute such messages with various interesting quotes, jokes, facts. That is, you must fill your blog with the material that will be of interest to your target audience.

If your followers comment on your posts, whether you ask a question or just write some information, always reply to them too. Maintain a dialog, because feedback from the audience is important in any business. This will make your account livelier and you will be able to increase the number of your followers.

On Twitter, users tend to trust reputable and popular bloggers. If such a blogger recommends your account on his page, this may give an incentive to many of his followers to subscribe to you too.


Don’t abandon your brand’s Twitter account and always be moderately active. This platform is convenient because you do not need (and will not succeed) to write long articles to publish on it. A competent text of only 140 characters can bring you no less efficiency.