Reinvent offline retail space for rent to stay in the game

Retailers should realize the fact that consumer shopping trends changed even before covid 19 hit the world. The pandemic made the consumer reckon on the online modes of shopping more than ever because of the preventive measures. People moved away from the traditional paradigms. Not only do consumers now have myriads of online options to choose from, but at the same time they also demand a higher level of convenience, experience, and customization that comes with it. Now that restrictions are relaxed and people are going out to shop, they expect the same level of shopping convenience. The standard, thus created by these online trends, is a driving force for offline retailers to reinvent the traditional retail store.

Holistic Experience

Retailers must think outside the box for a holistic shopping experience to entice consumers to the physical stores. This can be achieved by improving the point of purchase (POP) experience. To do so, retailers need to analyse consumers’ needs and shopping habits. The customer wants an experience that satisfies all of their  senses. With a pandemic lasting for more than a year, people want to go out and have physical shopping and human interaction to delight their senses. Hence, Brick-and-mortar retailers have an opportunity to create a new POP experience like creating a space in the retail that adds to their shopping experience like an open space to relax, gaming corner, etc.

Getting Back to Basics is the key 

Brick-and-mortar retailers should realise that in the process of reinventing the space they have to stick to the basics of offline retail experience and leverage from their inherent strengths. A space that also comprehends social anxieties and their concern for

Offline retail has the most important competitive advantage that they can directly engage with the customers. What’s important is to take advantage of the competitive edge. Establishing a customer-centric mindset and putting the customer first, even before revenue, is essential. The goal should be to make every customer interaction with the brand as memorable as possible to achieve customer loyalty.

Say Yes to Digital Integration

From the contactless experience to connecting online and offline, retailers should focus on bringing the two worlds together. To sustain the technologically evolving world for consumer convenience, digital integration of offline retail is an absolute necessity. E-commerce was considered a threat to the existence of physical stores, but not anymore. Online to offline retail and vice versa has proved a boon instead. The O2O retail model provides meaningful ways to interact with brands and their products like the in-store shopping experience of its customer and the online convenience to choose from and seamless payment options.

Reach 3 Roads commercial retail property located in Gurugram, is one such offline retail revamping to address the social insecurities and provide the holistic consumer’s experience.

It is stationed in the residential market of Sector 70, and the already existing residential belt of Southern Peripheral Road, Golf Course Extension Road & Sohna Road. This high-end retail space is one of the commercial spaces in Gurgaon, designed to provide a modern and secure offline retail experience for its customers. If you are looking for retail space for Rent in Gurugam then 3 Roads is the destination for you.

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