4c hair

Right type of products for reducing the anti-shrinkage for 4c hair

Curly hair is an undeniably beautiful feature, but it can also face a lot of difficulties to manage them.

Curl textures have lot of issues like lack of moisture, breakage and really hard to manage. On top of it, curly hair can have shrinkage issues.

People with curly hair face a lot of shrinkage in their hair.

What is shrinkage?

Shrinkage is basically a condition where the hair appears to be shorter than usual. It usually occurs when the hair goes from wet to dry. When the hair dries it curl up like a spring, this results in shortening of length.

Curly hair can normally shrink up to 90 percent and 4C hair is the most highly coiled type. People with 4C hair face a lot of shrinkage.

Handling shrinkage in cases of 4c hair type is really difficult. It can be reduced by natural methods and using Anti shrinkage hair products for 4C hair.

11 Ways to prevent natural hair shrinkage

1. Try banding

You can divide your hair in small sections and band them to its length. It will stretch out your hair and prevent it from shrinking.

Hair banding is a great method to avoid shrinkage in a natural way. One should be careful about the bands they use as not everything is suitable for hair. Don’t use elastic or metal bands as they will damage your hair and cause breakage.

A person with curly hair should use fabric bands for their hair as it will reduce the damage and breakage.

2. Try African threading

Yes we are talking about African threading, it is really popular nowadays. African threading is one of the best ways to strech out your curls. The process is kinda hard and takes a lot of time but it works. You can give it a try.

3. One can always go for twist outs or Braid outs

Twists out is the most simple method for streching out the curls. It takes less time and is efficient as well.

Braid outs can be said to be a better way than twist outs but it completely depends on you.

4. Roller sets because why not?

In this case you will need some rollers, yes our classic rollers. It is a great way to stretch out the strands. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your hair should either be wet or blow dried.

5. Blow dry your curls

Blow drying can help in avoiding the shrinkage as heat allows hair to expand. But the thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s important to use the dryer at medium heat. Application of heat protection products is important.

6. Bun

It is the simplest way to strech out your curls. Just comb your hair and make a bun with it. You can either band your hair and make a bun or just make a bun normally. It’s an effective and effortless way to prevent shrinkage.

7. Use coconut milk for moisture

Coconut milk is a great option for retaining moisture in the 4C type hair. Moisturizing your hair can prevent shrinkage to a great extent. A person can use coconut milk with shampoo or just apply it to sections just like oil. Wash it after half an hour or on hour.

It provides the right kind of hydration your hair needs. Using coconut milk regularly can give you healthy, long, softer and smoother hair. Opt for fresh coconut milk instead of canned one.

8. Regular henna treatments

Henna cannot just help in coloring your hair but also make them healthier. Henna is often used for smooth and strong hair. It can avoid shrinkage to a large extent. One can regularly use henna on their hair for better results. It’s not a permanent solution hence you need to repeat the process for good results.

9. Aloe vera gel before styling

The aloe vera gel provides the moisture to hair and help styling it as well. Using aloe vera can give you great results. Aloe vera gel has already been proven to be good for all hair type. But still, you need to make sure that it suits you, before applying to your full-length hair, try it on a small section. If it does not cause any frizziness then you can go ahead and use it on your hair.

10. Use a regular moisturizer

You need to moisturize your hair daily to keep it healthy. Using the right anti shrinkage products for 4C hair can help you moisturize your hair. Using the right moisturizer can reduce shrinkage up to 75 percent.
There are several products for 4C hair type you can try them. Try to avoid oiling as applying oil on wet hair is of no use. Your strands do not get the right moisture and start curling.

11. Use pineapple

It sounds weird but using pineapple for your hair can provide it with all the necessary nutrients and reduce shrinkage.

You can apply it overnight and wrap a scarf on it. Leave it for the night and rinse it the next day. It will provide moisture to your hair which will ultimately reduce the shrinkage. Enough moisture can reduce the shrinkage of hair.


Shrinkage is a natural phenomenon and is termed as a sign of healthy hair. You can reduce it with some natural banding methods or just by using the right products. 4C hair type is the most affected by the shrinkage and needs a lot of care. Maintaining 4 C hair type is difficult but using the right products can make it easier. You can opt for several companies and online stores for assistance.

One of those brands is Amtu Hair Art & Tools. They can provide you with all the necessary products required for your hair type and especially Anti shrinkage hair products for 4C hair. They can help you determine your curl type and suggest the suitable products for it. They will guide you and help you to maintain your natural curls and look more beautiful.