Screwfix opens its 800th store and targets 80 new stores across UK and Ireland

The retailer is on schedule to open the doors to its 800th position in June of this time as part of its ambitious expansion intentions. By the end of January 2023, the omnichannel retailer will have over 870 locales thanks to the opening of 80 fresh stores around the UK and the Republic of Ireland. This expansion will affect the creation of over 800 new jobs. This comes after the prosperous debut of 70 new stores in 2021.

This most recent opening is a critical turning point for the company and moves Screwfix one step closer to its ultimate goal of,000 locales throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. The launch of the 800th Screwfix position demonstrates the company’s commitment to serving the requirements of devoted tradesmen in both civic and more pastoral areas like Bourton- on- the- Water.

The new business, which is positioned in Gloucestershire’s Bourton Industrial Park, generates 12 jobs for the neighbourhood. The store’s initial festivity, attended by associates and top Screwfix labor force like Operations and Property Director Scott Parsons and Managing Director for UK and Ireland Max Britten, was held to commemorate this momentous corner.

The new store, which is positioned in Bourton Industrial Park in Gloucestershire, brings 12 new jobs to the area. The store was officially inaugurated at a launch form with associates and elderly Screwfix labor force, including Operations and Property Director Scott Parsons and Managing Director for UK and Ireland Max Britten.

About Screwfix

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  • As amulti-channel trade retailer, our focus is always on our guests and workers. Our thing is to help busy tradesmen in getting their work done snappily, economically, and rightly the first time. We’ve roughly 800 outlets throughout the UK and Ireland.
  • The,000 products offered by Screwfix can be bought by trade guests over the phone, online, on their mobile device, or in- person at their original store. Screwfix is simple, uncomplicated, and nicely priced.
  • From lines and pipe fittings to power outfit and artificial apparel, Screwfix provides further than,000 products that can be picked up in person from further than 775 UK locales.
  • Orders can be placed over the phone, online, or in person for delivery the coming day to a house or position up until 8p.m.( weekdays).
  • For the sake of its guests, workers, communities, and the terrain, Screwfix is devoted to reducing its environmental effect. Our thing is to give sustainable options and find long- continuing products.
  • Further than 7 million people every week.
  • Over 11 million of our consumers are active each time.
  • guests can pick up their purchases from Screwfix Click & Collect in as little as one nanosecond after placing their orders online or by phone.
  • With Screwfix Sprint, which debuted in 2021, guests can place an order on the Screwfix app and have it delivered in lower than an hour to their home or plant. roughly 40 of the UK population presently has access to Screwfix Sprint, with plans to expand its tradesman followership in the future.

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The parent company of Screwfix, Kingfisher, supports Screwfix’s expansion objects. Kingfisher’s’ Powered by Kingfisher’ approach seeks to maximise the advantages of integrating its unique retail banners with the size, strength, and knowledge of the Group.